Saturday, January 28, 2012

Piggy banks

Last weekend, the boys brought out their piggy banks and emptied them out. Carson's was getting pretty full/heavy so we thought it was time to empty it out and start fresh. They had so much fun looking at all the different types of money there was and how much they had. Today, we were able to take their money to the bank to have them count it. I was really surprised at how much each of them had. Travis' grand total was $120.01 and Carson had a whopping $233. 78 in his piggy bank!! After getting their money counted, we had them open up savings accounts and put the money in there. Now they can start over filling up their banks again!

All their money! They were some very happy/excited little boys!

Friday, January 27, 2012


This last weekend, the boys wanted to know if they could have a campout. So, a campout we the living room. They wanted to sleep on a blow up mattress so we blew one up and let the boys sleep on it in the living room. We read scriptures by the light of one of the boys' play camping lanterns and then went to bed. They thought it was great and were so excited...I'm surprised they actually fell asleep at a decent time!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Landon's shirt says it all in this picture! Landon is such a drooly kid! Actually,we've started calling him bubbles because he blows some pretty good spit bubbles! We have had to resort to wearing bibs all the time so that his clothes aren't soaked through. Drool or no drool...we are still crazy about him!

Monday, January 23, 2012


Saturday night, we thought it would be fun to head to the bowling alley for a little bowling. Apparently, everyone else in town had the same idea...we had to wait an hour to get a lane to bowl on!! We went with two of Christian's brothers and their families. It was lots of fun to hang out and do a little cosmic bowling. This kids had lots of fun with their special shoes and their glowing clothes and were convinced we were going to go back every night from now on!

Thursday, January 19, 2012


We haven't been up to much lately, but I figured it was about time for some updates on the boys!
Carson is loving kindergarten and is starting to read books! It's been so fun to see him progress this year and we look forward to listening to him read us his books each night. He's working on replacing the two bottom teeth he has lost. One is about half way in and the other one is just starting to poke through the gum.

Travis got to move up from nursery to sunbeams in church and is LOVING it. We are glad we don't have to fight with him each week about going to nursery any more. For some reason, the last about 3 months of his time in there, he hated going. He said that nursery was for babies and he was a big kid. He seems to really like primary! He's a huge help to mom and LOVES his baby brother! He has a great imagaination. In fact, yesterday, he asked me if he could have two ziplock baggies for his hands. I replied yes and he ran and grabbed two from the drawer. A couple minutes later while I was feeding Landon, he comes and tells me, with the baggies on his hands, that he is preg checking cows! It was too funny to watch! He would bring the cows up, check them for babies, and then give them shots...noise effects and all! He's such a funny kid!

Landon is growing like crazy and gets cuter every day! He loves to sit up and if he's reclined at all, tries to sit himself up! He's rolled over a few times, but nothing consistant...guess he needs to be on his tummy a little more! He loves to sit in his bumbo and watch what ever is going on. He especially likes to watch his wild and crazy brothers play. He's still sleeping great-about 8 hours every night, eats a little then goes right back to sleep. It's been amazing for his dear mom!!

Here are some recent pictures...mostly of Landon. My fave is the one of Travis and him sleeping together (don't was only long enough for me to go to the bathroom although Travis would have liked it to be longer).

We finally were able to catch Landon laughing the other day. Carson and I stayed home from church because he had had the flu. It's a pretty cute little laugh if you can hear it over Carson's whose is equally cute!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

The BIG 3-0!!

January 1, Christian turned the big 3-0! Since his birthday fell on Sunday, we did the usual go to church things, had dinner at his mom's with the grandma's, and then had everyone over for dessert at our house. It was fun to have everyone together to celebrate. We even got people to do a little Just Dance! We hope you had a great day, Christian!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


The day after Christmas, Christian got to take the day off and used the sled Carson got for his birthday to good use. They decided to hook it up to the 4 wheeler and get pulled in the field in front of our house. Carson had a blast...Travis wasn't so fond of all the falling off, so he didn't last too long! Our dog, Opie, had just as much fun chasing the boys as the boys did riding on the sled.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Christmas 2011!

This Christmas was the first Christmas that we haven't traveled home since Carson was born 6 years ago. Though we really enjoyed Christian having the week off between Christmas and New Years from work in the past, we really enjoyed not having to drive so much! Christmas morning, I got up with Landon around 6 and continued to get ready. The boys woke up between 7:30 and 8. We opened presents, had some muffins and then got ready for 10:00 church. We enjoyed a great sacrament meeting and were out in less than an hour! After church, we went home and the boys got to enjoy their new toys for a while before heading to Grandma Asay's for lunch and more gifts. After spending time with Christian's family, we headed to Powell opened gifts and then enjoyed dinner. It was a great Christmas and we were so glad to be able to spend it with our families!

Christmas morning by some of their Santa stuff

Carson and his leappad

Travis and the garbage truck he had been asking for since probably October!

Taking a ride on his new4-wheeler

Christmas at Grandpa and Grandma Asay's. The three older boys all got nerf guns for Christmas and it was a crazy place after the guns got opened!

Landon on his new pony!

Christmas at grandpa and grandma Foulgers

Carson and his army gear. Travis got SWAT team gear

Travis anxiously waiting for his turn to open a gift

Christian overly excited about his new knee board. I think he got on it everyday the first few days after he got it. I think he's a little excited to use it this summer!

The boys in their new gear. Uncles Jason and Jabin didn't want to miss out on the fun so they geared up too. The boys had fun sneaking up on eachother.

The boys got Just Dance 2 for thei wii from auntie butts and uncle Jabin so we all had to get our groove on to burn off dinner!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Christmas Eve 2011

Christmas Eve this year was nery enjoyable and relaxing despite most of us fighting a nasty cold. We spent the day with my family enjoying finger foods and some games. We headed back to Lovell for the traditional gnocci dinner with Christan's family, opening of Christmas pj's and the reading of the Christmas story. After the festivities, we went back to our house, the boys opened more Christmas jammies, and then it was off to bed! The boys were so excited for Christmas this year making it super fun for us. Travis was up within the first hour of going to bed to see if Santa had come and Carson woke up about 2 and informed us that Santa had been there.

opening pj's from grandpa and grandma Asay

The four older kids all got pajamas and a coloring book this year.

Pajamas at home

The boys and thier rock and roll pj's (Carson's pants just can't see them in this picture)
Christmas Eve 2011

The bows Carson wanted us to wear

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas Program

This year (December 13...I'm a little behind)was the start of many Christmas programs to come for us. The Lovell Elementary school hosts a K-3 Christmas concert every year. I was NOT prepared for how crazy it was going to be! Carson had to be there early so he could find his seat and be ready for the show and when we showed up "early" to get him to his seat, every seat in the Hyartt (where they held it) was taken! It was CRAZY! Luckily, my mother in law and sister in law were able to get three seats and were kind enough to give them up (they had to leave as soon as the kindergarteners were done)to me and my parents. Otherwise, we would have been standing out in the lobby with the many other parents who didn't have seats. Once we finally got sat down, I opened up the program to find that Carson had a speaking part...a total surprise to me...I had no idea and was kind of freaking out that I was supposed to have helped him memorize something. But, he did a great job saying his part, which was "We are very grateful for mittens and gloves." They sang three songs very well. Next year we will be prepared for the chaos of the Christmas program! I was just glad that I had the help of my mother in law and parents. Christian was out of town for work meetings and I'm pretty sure that I would have been a basket case by the end of it had I not had help! Sadly, we were so far away that I couldn't get a good picture with my camera and I haven't gotten any from my mom's yet.