Monday, July 20, 2009

Weekend Adventures

This weekend we kind of layed low. Friday night, we decided to drive down to Kansas. We have lived in McCook, which is only 12 miles from the Kansas border, for 2 years now and this was the first time I had been down to the Kansas border. We went to the closest town after the border and had some dinner and then drove back home. Saturday we went and walked around down town where Crazy Days was going on. They had a big obstacle course and giant bouncer that Carson had a blast going in. We grabbed what are called jiffy burgers (ground hamburger topped with potatoe salad on a homemade bun), a local favorite here and went up to the park for lunch. After lunch we let the boys play for a while then went home for naps. After naps we headed down to one of the parks that they stock with fish and went fishing. We were there for about an hour and were ready to leave when the fish started to bite. Christian caught 3 and Carson caught 2 the last 20 minutes we were there. Carson was so excited to actually catch a fish. The first one he reeled in he called it a "monster" fish because he thought it was SO big...but from the pictures you can tell they were just little guys! It was such an enjoyable weekend. I always love spending time with my boys. Even if we don't do anything overly exciting, I'm so glad to just be with them! They sure do brighten my day!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Swimming machine

Carson completed his first round of swimming lessons this week. He had a blast! His favorite part was when they got to play on the all the cool floaties (the last 5 minutes the instructor brings out all the animal floaties for the kids to play on). He did a pretty good job and is quite a good kicker, bubble blower, and good at going under the water...without plugging his nose...something I still don't like to do! Good job, buddy! It was fun to watch you!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July FUN!

Wow, we had a fun 4th of July! We were so excited to have Matthew and Charlene here for the entire weekend to party with. They got here late Thursday night. I was afraid Carson was going to explode with excitement waiting for them! He's totally in love with Charlene...or as he calls her...his girlfriend! Friday we had great plans of heading to the pool while Christian and Matthew worked, but it was really overcast and the guys got home before the pool even opened. So we just hung out Friday afternoon and took naps...real exciting, I know! That evening it was our turn to clean the church so we enlisted Matthew and Charlene's help but rewarded them with dinner at the Mexican restaurant here in town and it was usual! After dinner we stopped at the new park to play for a while. Saturday we got up and made breakfast and then hurried to the parade. After the parade, Carson really wanted to fly his kite so they went to a vacant field close to our house and flew it a while. When they returned, we started getting food ready for a bbq. We ate a late lunch/early dinner. We decided to work off our lunch with a game of baseball. We played with Carson first and then after he went down for a nap, we played boys against girls. I found out just how out of shape I really am! After naps, we shot off our fireworks, had some dessert and headed to the fairgrouds to watch the city fireworks. This year they handed out 3-D glasses to wear while we watched the show. It was pretty cool but it was even funner to listen to Matthew and Charlene ooo and ahhh as the fireworks appeared to get closer to them! We had so much fun having Matthew and Charlene with us and miss them already! Thanks for sharing your weekend with us...we loved you having you here!