Sunday, March 29, 2009

Blast from the Past!

When we were home for Christmas (I think that's when it was), Christian's mom gave me one of his old shirts from when he was little. Christian was born on January 1, making him the first baby of the they got all kinds of fun baby things when he was born and this shirt was one of them. I just thought it was cute on him...even being 27 years old!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cookie Bouquets

Yesterday, Carson and I decided to decorate cookies to make into cookie bouquets for the ladies the I go visiting teaching to. After we were done with that, we painted some cheap flower pots so they were a little bit cuter to put the cookies in. I was quite pleased with how cute they turned out. It was fun to spend some one-on-one time with Carson...he was a great helper!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Week in Review

Wow, I can't believe that we are already starting a new week! This last week was jam-packed with stuff and flew by! Here is a recap of our week:

Every other Tuesday, the ladies in our branch get together at a park here in town to visit and let our kids play together. This week, Carson felt the need to climb on the equipment with sticks. I told him at least 3 times that he can't climb with sticks in his hand because if he falls he could really hurt himself. Next thing I knew, he was climbing up one of the ladders, but this time it wasn't with a was with a branch, and fell from the top. He was lucky to only end up with a pretty good scratch on his cheek and a few on his arm. Maybe he will learn his lesson!

his ouchy!


Travis had his 6 month check up and his doing great! He weighs 17 pounds (31%) and is 281/4 inches long (91%). He got three more shots at this visit...sad day. I am glad to report that he didn't have his little scream for an hour straight episode like he did the other two times, but he did have a fever.

We had a green eggs and ham breakfast and bowling primary activity for the primary kids and their families. We cooked green eggs, ham, and hashbrowns and did lots of bowling. It was pretty yummy and fun! Carson bowled like 6 games while we were there and had so much fun! As soon as we were done with the primary activity, we headed to Kearney, NE. One of the chemical companies that Christian works with, and two of our good friends work for, took us out to dinner, to a Storm Hockey game (the company has season tickets and their own box), and then got a hotel to stay at. It was fun to get to visit with friends, do some shopping, and watch my first hockey game and swim.

Travis slept the whole time we were bowling...he was exhausted!

Loving his bowling shoes!


What the kids did when they lost interest in the game.

This is just a side note...Spring is COMING and I'm so excited! I actually have flowers blooming infront of our house and I LOVE IT!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quick trip home

On Thursday we got to head home to Wyoming for the weekend for some special events. Christian's brother, Daniel returned home from his mission the weekend before and his other brother, Michael and his wife Emily were blessing their new baby girl, and Christian was doing some work with the college up there. It was a pretty quick trip, but we were so excited to get to go home and see everyone before Christian gets super busy again. We left Thursday afternoon and drove to Casper to stay with my mom and brother who were there for State basketball. Friday morning we made our way to Powell so Christian could meet witht the college about possibly getting some students to come and work as interns for the company he works for. That night we stayed in Lovell. Saturday we went to the temple with all of Christian's family. It was so fun to be with everyone in the temple. That night we ran to Powell while everyone was at a reception to see my family. Sunday was a very busy day with family pictures, family lunch, church, and then to Powell to spend the night with my family. We had so much fun seeing everyone. This was the first time in 4 years that all of Christian's family had been together.

Carson in his too cool shades
Everyone up at the Billings, MT temple

Jared and Travis hanging out in their jammies taking naps
Christian got a new hitch for his birthday and jumped at the chance to use it to pull out the
Matthew and his too cool shades!

Family pics. Teri Durtsche took them for us...I'm sure hers will turn out way better than my snap shots
Grampa and Grama Asay and their grandkids. Travis was very concerned about baby Kandace.
All 10 of the Asay boys! (We took pictures of the Asay girls, but all the ones I had on the camera we were all looking in different places)
Jared and Carson playing cops
One tired baby!

After church Sunday

Travis and grampa Foulger doing the "trick"

Hanging out with Grampa Foulger

This actually wasn't the video I wanted, but I figured I would leave it since it was uploaded to show Travis' first attempts at actually crawling. If he could just figure out how to lift that dang head up!

My mom's dog was hitting the squeeky toy back to my dad and Travis thought it was hilarious. I think it was more the sound of the toy than the trick.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Half a year!

Today, Travis is 6 months old. I can hardly believe it! It was flown by so quickly! Here are some fun facts about Travis right now:

1. He LOVES his apple and rice cereal and doesn't really seem to like any of the baby foods we have tried, but then again they are the veggies and not the fruits!

2. He's getting pretty good at sitting up by himself.

3. He will now take a pacifier and doesn't suck on his thumb nearly as much.

4. His eyes are a mysterious color...we can't really pin a color down. Sometimes they are blue, sometimes brown, and other times a little grey!

5. He loves to watch his big brother.

6. He loves being nakie. In fact, he throws a fit every night after his bath when we put him in his pj's.

We sure love him!

Christian, Carson and Travis went outside the other day so I bundled him up in this little snow suit. He was too cute not to take a picture of! Christian called him a blue Shrek!