Sunday, October 31, 2010

2010 Halloween Happenings!

This last week has been FULL of fun Halloween activities. I was afraid this year that my boys wouldn't get much use out of their costumes because Halloween fell on a Sunday, but I was wrong. Wednesday morning, the boys got to enjoy a party at story time with yummy food, lots of goodies and fun games.

Wednesday night was our Branch Trunk or Treat. The kids enjoyed going around to each of the cars (mulitple times) despite the crazy wind! After getting some candy, we enjoyed a some yummy soups, decorated cookies, and ended the night with some eating of donuts off a string...which was rather entertaining...especially when we got the guys to go up and do it!
Happy Halloween!
Carson with his friend, Xavier.
My boys. Last year Christian said he was dressed as a stud, so when I asked him what he was going to be this year, he said he was going to be a dork. And so, he layered on all the Husker gear he had and wen out as a dork!
Go Carson, Go!

The donut got the best of him, but he got some good help from a buddy to finish it off!

The best part of the night was watching the guys try to do it. Christian told them that if he was going to do it, he was going to cheat. And so, to prove he isn't a liar, as soon as we said go, he took the string that the donuts were tied to and threw it up in the air! That's why he's getting "the look" from Mr. Fancy Pants (the guy in the sweet purple costume, Brother Packard) as Carson calls him!

Thursday was Carson's preschool party and I got to go and help out. They got to wear their costumes to school and the last hour they partied. They ate treats and rotated through bowling, fishing, and a cauldrine toss games, and then ended the day with a Halloween story by a sibling of a classmate.

Friday, the boys and I made caramel apples. We tried making "gourmet" apples this year that had caramel, white chocolate and cinnamon sugar sprinkels. They were pretty darn good and will probably be made again next year!

Saturday, was our Halloween Parade down town where the kids get the opportunity to trick or treat the businesses. I guess Carson was tired of being a ninja turtle because he decided the night before that he wanted to be a pirate that day instead.

After we were done down town, we ran home and loaded up our stuff and headed to Kearney for the weekend. Our stake conference was this weekend, so we made a weekend out of it and stayed the night. We shopped, enjoyed some good meetings, ate good food with fun people, swam and came home. It was a great weekend, but I didn't get a single picture!

Friday, October 29, 2010

Weekend with g-pa and g-ma Foulger!

Last weekend, we were able to have my parents come for a quick trip. They got here Thursday night and then had to leave Sunday morning early. It was fun to have them here for a couple of days to hang out. We didn't do much while they were here because it was kind of yucky weather, but we were glad to have them here! We were able to do a little bowling, clean the carpets on our house, play, and just visit. It was fun to see grandma and grandpa Foulger and can't wait to see you guys again!

Grandpa introduced the boys to dry ice while he was here... as you can see on their faces,they thought it was so cool!

Thanks for the fun Halloween goodies, grandma and grandpa!

The boys getting ready to go for a spin in grandpa's yellow car. My dad had been promising for a year that he was going to drive it down to Nebraska and the boys were super excited to see it pull up in front of our house when my parents arrived!

A little bowling fun!

Grandma working away on the carpets! Thanks, Mom!

Thursday, October 28, 2010


Last Wednesday, we made our annual trip to the pumpkin patch. This was the lastest in the season that we've ever gone, so our selection wasn't all that great. The pumpkins were mostly small (which is fine with me). The boys managed to find their pumpkins pretty fast because they were more interested in the tractors around, bugs on the pumpkins, and all the rotten pumpkins! Maybe next year we will be a little more focused!

Travis stomping on the bugs!

Carson's pumpkin!

Showin' some love to the scarecrow!

Our plan all along was to carve pumpkins while my parents were here last weekend since they didn't get to go to the pumpkin patch with us, but we never got around to it while they were here. So, Monday, for FHE, we carved our pumpkins. Neither of our boys were too thrilled to stick their hands inside the pumpkins and pull all the "guts". It wasn't until Christian threatened that we wouldn't do pumpkins next year and a few times of being called a girl, that Carson decided he could do it! We even kept the seeds this year and cooked them. They boys thought it was a great family home evening treat!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Playgroup PaRty!

Yikes...I'm a little behind on this post. Last Wednesday, we had a little Halloween playgroup party. Two of the ladies in our group were going to be gone during Halloween, so a friend and I decided it would be fun to put on a party for the kids. The kids all came dressed up and we started with pumpkin painting. The boys made some pretty snazzy pumpkins, but I forgot to get a picture of them!

After painting, we had a super fun Halloween lunch which included:
Mummy pizzas,

fruit cups,

Cheese stick witch's fingers,

Bone breadsticks, and carrot eyeballs!

After lunch, the kids decorated cookies for dessert and then spent the rest of the time playing together. It was a beautiful afternoon, so it was fun to be able to have our party outside and enjoy the nice weather.

The whole group of kids! They are a fun bunch!!