Friday, March 4, 2011

The time has come!

Almost four years ago when we decided to move to McCook, NE our mind set was always when we get back Wyoming. We were far away from family, there weren't very many people we knew that were our age and had kids, espicially in church. In fact, the people closest to us in age were the missionaries in our Branch, and we couldn't exactly hang out with them! We had it in our minds, at that time, that we would be here for 3-5 years, get some experience, and then try to move back closer to our families. As time went on, we bought a house, made some great friends, and have really come to love Nebraska, and McCook. As a result, our tone changed from "when" we move back to Wyoming, to "if" we ever move back to Wyoming.

About a month ago Christian was approached by a company out of Greybull, Wyoming for an agronomy job. After much prayer, fasting, and pondering, we (well Christian) accepted the job and so we are on our way to moving back closer to our families! Christian's first day will be March 14. It has become a fast and furious when we move, we will have had just three weeks to put our house on the market and pack up our house! We will be renting at first, in Lovell until our house sells.

I never thought in my wildest dreams that making a decision to move back home closer to our families would be a hard decision, not that it was hard to make, but it's been emotionally hard. We truely love Nebraska and are having a hard time leaving our friends...sure wish we could take them with us! We have been so blessed to have such great friends here and great friends for our boys. We will miss the playgroups, storytime, boating adventures and game nights that we have enjoyed while we were here. We have had great help the last couple of weeks with many offeres from great friends to watch our kids so we could clean and pack. Thanks to all of you for your support and help!

We are really excited for the opportunity we have been given and know it's the right/best thing for our family. It will be fun to be around so much family and be able to raise our boys with them around! We are looking forward to our next adventure in the Big Horn Basin!