Wednesday, May 30, 2012

T-ball 2012

Carson got his t-ball pictures back at his last game. I thought they were pretty cute!
May 2012

Funny group picture

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fun Day/week

Today was Carson's Fun Day at school. They started out the day with games and races, followed by swimming at the pool, lunch on the school lawn, and then a trip to the movie theater to watch Spirit. Not only did they have a fun day today, but they have had a fun week! Monday they got to go to the zoo in Red Lodge, MT and go to the candy store there. Tuesday they went to the public library in the afternoon. Wednesday, I got to finally go have lunch with Carson (we had some most delicious hot dogs!) and then they got to go to the park for some fun. Today (Thursday) is their fun day and tomorrow is the last day of school and then are done at 11:30! I can't believe that Carson's first year is over and that he will be a first grader! Here are some pictures from the games part of his day today.
Carson and his partner practicing for their turn in the relay race

Carrying the balloon down to the other side

Second station for them was the tug of war.

After the classes battled each other, they did all the kindergarten boys against the K girls. The boys won and were so excited!

Waiting to move to the next station.

The rubber chicken toss. They had to throw the chickens through the hula hoop . Each time they made it in they moved the hoop farther back.

The third event was the obstacle course (Travis thought it was an obstacle HORSE and kept asking when we were going to see the horses). They had to swing on a rope, run through tires, doe some balance beams, crawl under some stuff, jump over hay bales, weave through cones, go over some big pads and then through a bean bag in a tire.

The last event was volleyball, the parachute and simon says

Doing the parachute


playing along in simon says

Travis was a really good sport through it all as was Landon (he slept the entire time). This kid makes me laugh! He's such a character!!

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Take me out to the ball game

Today was Carson's first t-ball game. He and his cousin Stetson are on the same team this year so it will be fun to have two boys to cheer for. The first game is always very entertaining and full of laughs! Both boys did a good job and we can't wait to see them continue to improve!
My boys watching the game.

getting ready to bat for the first time

getting a high five from one of the coaches

playing third base

Christian turned Landon's sun hat into a cowboy hat.

Chillaxin' during the game.

Carson coming home!

Yay for t-ball!!

Carson's team

Saying good game to the other team

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Cattle Drive

When summer comes, the boys always look forward to helping grandpa Asay move cows. This weekend was the first (and the toughest) cattle drive of the season. They bring a group of cows from the pasture by our house up to the pasture by Christian's parent's house. It's a difficult one because the calves often don't cooperate and try to turn around and go back to where they know as "home". Things went pretty smooth (or so Christian tells me) this year and the boys got to ride to their heart's content. Landon and I rode/drove the car behind the herd while Christian rode his "horse" a.k.a. the 4-wheeler, and Carson and Travis rode horses and walked behind the cows. After all the work was done, we enjoyed some hamburgers and hot dogs for a late lunch/early dinner.
Christian's set up for the day...4-wheeler and a rope

Everybody comes home covered in dirt by the end of the day and you can see why! It's kind of a dusty ordeal.

Travis riding away. Grandma Asay lead the little kids on Chief most of the  way.

Carson and Travis took a time out from working for a bit to enjoy some time with their cousins and aunts and to have a pb&j sandwich.

One proud cowboy.

Some of the crew on foot. Some of Chritian's dad's siblings were in town to help.(Stan, Max, Jacob on a horse and Clark)

The final push through the gate as the cows head up the road towards the corrals.
Carson and his cousin Stetson riding their horses.
Bringing up the rear.

Waiting for some hamburgers

Carson enjoying one of the many pops he had that afternoon.

Travis and his cousin Britt enjoying the sunshine. Britt is just two weeks older than  Landon.

Landon chillaxin!

Carson and Grandpa enjoying their lunch.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Art fair

Tuesday night, we had the opportunity for Carson to show us around the Art Fair at the Elementary School. The halls of the school were covered with student's art from the school year. He showed us some of his favorites from other kids along with his own work. He had some great art work!! It was fun to have him show us around. I can't believe that his kindergarten year is almost over! He only has 13 more days of being a kindergartner!! Loved your artwork, Carson!

Carson in front of some of his art from his kindergarten year.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Photo Shoot

Before Travy's big night at prom, we had a photo shoot outside in his little suit. He looked so handsome and the lilacs were in full bloom, so we took advantage.  His favorite part was making faces!

Here are my other two handsome boys that day!
Carson and his kitty Stripes.

Landon @ 7 months
I'm so grateful to have these little men in my life!