Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On the Road Again!

Last week, we were able to go back home to Wyoming and visit our families. Christian is finally done checking fields and hasn't gotten into the full swing of soil sampling and harvest yet, so we took advantage of some slow time to go and see everyone. Plus, one of the big reasons was so he could do a little recruiting at Northwest College, so we got to use company time and vehicle! On our way down we spent the night with Matthew and Charlene. They are always SO nice to let us stay with them on our trips. I don't know if they know just how much we appreciate them always being willing to put us up for a night and feed us...they are the best! After a night in Laramie, we headed and stayed 2 nights in Powell with my family where we got to meet my brother's new baby, Isabelle, visit my grandparents, see my sister who came home from school to see everyone, went on a date with my hubby without the kids, and had dinner with all the family! We then spent 2 nights in Lovell with Christian's family. While there, we canned salsa, helped chase cows, went to the General RS broadcast and got to hang out with everyone. Before we knew it, it was back to Laramie with Matthew and Charlene on our way home! It was so nice to get away as a family and be able to see all of our family! We are looking forward to Thanksgiving when we can see everyone again! (sorry for the pictures being backwards...I didn't have enough patience to fix them today)
Our family before we left to go home!
On our way home, we picked up lunch and went over to Cabelas and picniced with the ducks. The boys LOVED watching them!
My cute boys!
Carson with all his "weapons". He and Jacob played bad guys for a good portion of our stay.
Carson riding on the tractor with a cat. These poor cats get MAULED by all the little kids...and they don't seem to mind!
Riding on Ralph
Carson riding the horse all by himself. He was so excited to tell me when he got back from helping do cows that he rode it all by himself!
Writing on the sidewalk
Jacob taking all the little boys out to pick tomatoes
Family Dinner
Jason and Gramma holding baby Isabelle!
Riding the bike
Going on a fly hunt with auntie butts. These fly guns are too fun! It sure makes killing flies a good time!
Deocorating cookies

Bonfire fun!

Cooking hotdogs over the fire and playing with firworks

Carson filling up the truck with "gas" while Travis enjoys himself a coke!

Carson making himself some steak...

Getting ready to cut some grass
Enjoying lunch outside

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Fall Festival

Yesterday we took the boys over to a fall festival. It was perfect for Carson! It started with a parade and then fun in the park. They had rides just perfect for little tikes and a bunch of game booths for the kids to play. It was fun to watch Carson enjoy the rides!

Christian even got in on the action by jousting with Lance, a friend of ours.

Even though this video shows Christian getting knocked off, he actually won two out of the three face-offs. When I asked Carson who was going to win, he obviosly picked his dad, but was more concerned if there was going to be lots of blood or not...he didn't want his dad to get hurt, I guess!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Husker Harvest Days

Tuesday, we had the chance to finally make it over to Grand Island, Ne, to experience Husker Harvest Days. Christian has gone the previous years we've been here, but this was the first time we had the opportunity to go. Husker Harvest Days is a HUGE, by huge I mean it sits on 1,000 acres and has 500 to 600 venders there, farm type expo that is all outdoors. It was rather impressive...we were there for 3 hours and only made it around about half of it! It's full of seed and chemical companies, car delerships, tractor dealers, and just about anything else you can think of related to agriculture. They each set up amazing information booths that the public can come and learn more about the products they produce. I wish I had taken pictures from up on top of a tractor so you could get the idea, but I wasn't that on top of things. Anyways, it's a kids paradise...especially for little boys who love hats...every company gives out different types of items that advertise their company and hats tend to be a very popular item! We had lots of fun walking around looking at the tractors and cows. I didn't really know what to expect, but I was really impressed. Next year we will plan on getting up there earlier so we can spend more time before the boys poop out on us!

Carson posing in front of one of the corn fields that a company was doing demonstrations in

The company Christian works for's booth (there's was pretty low-key compared to some of them...I'm sure some of them spend 10's of thousands of dollars on their booths!)

Carson taking a second to pose in one of the tractor tires! This was just before he decided to jump in a puddle and get mud all the way up his pant legs...crazy boy!!

This is my FAVORITE picture! He was posing so cute!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Up, Up and Away!

This weekend was quite a busy one for us. Saturday night we went to McCook's annual Balloon Fest. Each year they bring in a bunch of hotair balloons from around the country for 2 days of lifts. They do two runs each day, one too early for us, and the other one at night. We decided to check it out this year and were actually quite disappointed...only one actually took off! Next year will hopefully be better. Carson liked watching them try to get them full of air and it was fun to see how big they really are.

Carson launching the straw out of his caprisun pouch! He almost took out a couple of eyes doing it!

Waiting for one to actually fill

My boys enjoying some bbq

Sunday we were invited to a bonfire with some friends of ours. They always cook the best dutch oven food! Christian gets especially excited when they invite us because they always cook either goat or lamb and this time he was very spoiled and got both of them!
The guys playing a round of Annie Oakley

Watching the guys shoot their guns

playing around with one of the many shotgun shells...not so sanitary...I know!

Travis and Raine playing the ever famous baby game...I throw it down and you pick it up game...he was loving it!

And, just for the record, our long time...well...long for us...pet fish Tutter fish died this weekend. We gave him a proper burial...down the toilet. Carson was sure eager to go and find a new Tutter fish today while we were shopping in Wal-Mart today, but we decided that it would be better to wait until after all the holidays were all over so we don't have to worry about not killing another fish while we are gone.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Sundays with the Asays!

Sundays have always been one of my favorite days for many reasons. One of the reasons it's a fave is becuase it's probably the only day of the week that we are all home and don't have things going on! Here are some random things that we did this Sunday!

We played outside

We went on a cecada hunt. These bugs invade Nebraska each summer and are the loudest, biggest bugs I have ever seen. They live up in the trees and they are all you can hear during the day. About this time of year, they shed their exoskeleton on tree branches and eventually die so they are all over the ground. One of Carson's favorite things to do is go outside and count all the "skins" on the trees, and then go around the yard and find as many dead bugs as we can. These are the ones that we found yesterday on our hunt. There were actually 2 more, but one flew away (guess it wasn't quite dead) and the other one the dog ate...he loves to "play" with them. Right now, there are about6 exoskeletons on our trees. The boys went and played disk golf today and they counted 18 of them on 1 branch!

We also had a sword fight!

Boys will be boys!!

And just becuase it's funny...I was folding clothes yesterday and Travis thought it was the funnest thing to wear his brother's underwear! He'd find a pair, bring them to me and want me to put them on him, so he wore a pair of underwear for most of the afternoon! He thought he was pretty cool! Maybe this is a sign that he'll be easy to potty train...

I just love Sundays, but mostly I love them because I get to spend them with my family!!