Thursday, March 29, 2012

A visit from Bruno

Last week, Carson got to bring home Bruno the (classroom) Bear to hang out for the night. He was SO excited to take Bruno around with him to experience the things that he does in an afternoon/evening. We got to document it all with the camera so Carson could add the pictures to his book that he has been working on. While Bruno was visiting, he got to join Carson as he:

did his homework,

watched some t.v. and had a little snack,
went and checked cows with Grandpa Asay and Uncle Jacob,

He even got to get close to a bunch of cows and calves!

and went for a 4-wheeler ride with dad and Travis!

Sunday, March 25, 2012


Landon has developed some pretty funny facial expressions lately. The newest one is where he scrunches up his nose and breaths really heavy. The boys find it hilarious to do it to him and have him do it back to them. He entertained us with his various faces this morning while the boys were eating breakfast. They make me smile and laugh every time I look at them!!

Monday, March 19, 2012

St. Paddy's Day

This year, some sneaky little Leprochauns made a visit to our house and left us a fun surprise. The boys woke up to a big box of Lucky Charms and to their surprise, green milk! Travis was quite upset by the green milk and wasn't sure he wanted any, but after Carson tried it and said it tasted like regular milk, he was ok with it! We also had a green meal planned for that night but ended up going to grandma and grandpa Asay's house for dinner and homemade ice cream before Matthew and Charlene had to leave to go back to Washington. We ended up having our green meal that consisted of green sour krout with sausages over green mashed potatoes, rainbow fruit skewers with green fruit dip, a green drink and some Russian salad Sunday for dinner.

Travis enjoying his Lucky Charms left by the Leprochaun

Making some triple fruit (bananas, lemons, and oranges) ice cream. It. was. DELICIOUS!

Travy taking his turn giving the ice cream a turn

All the Asay grandkids. It was late and the kids had had it (well atleast my littlest one had)!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Little Buckaroo!

Travis is our little cowboy! He loves anything that goes with cowboy! He loves his cowboy boots, cowboy shirts, his stick horse, cowboy hat (he has a few he rotates through), riding on his dad's or brother's or uncle's back like he's riding a bull, etc... His grandpa Asay has been so nice to come and pick Travis up just about every morning to help him check for new calves and tag them. Travis is LOVES getting to go and alwasys looks forward it...he gets dressed as soon as he gets up most of the time so "he can be ready when grandpa gets here" he tells me! The other morning, Stan didn't come in the morning and Travis came into the kitchen asking if I had any tags to tag the calves with. We quickly made up some paper tags for him, he wrote "numbers" on the tags, got his tagger (the 3 hole punch), and would run into the living room, tackle a calf (a stuffed animal horse Landon got for Christmas) and tag it's ear. It was so hilarious to watch, but he knew exactly what to do...he even had to come get some "medicine" for one of the calves that wasn't feeling good! He even made me tag the calves while he held them down, but informed me I wasn't as good as grandpa! Thanks, grandpa Asay for making Travis feel important each day...he sure looks forward to helping you out!

Just got done writing the numbers on the tag

Tagging the calf

He does a pretty good job!
All done...and done in record time!

Our handsome little cowboy! Love that kid!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sunday outting

Sunday, after we were all done with lunch, naps and such, we decided to go take a drive and check cows for something to do since it was so nice. When Christian and I were first married, we had late chuch so we would go check calves in the morning before church and I loved it. I love seeing all the baby cows and just spending time together. Sadly, this was the first time this year that I have gone. We loaded up in the truck and headed out. We ended up meeting grandpa and grandma Asay, Matthew, Charlene and Ian, and Jacob on the road checking the cows too! We raced to see who could find the first calf that needed to be tagged, and we won! The boys are pretty good at seeing the ones that don't have tags yet. Here are some pictures from our adventures!

The boys ready to go!

Hey, we know you guys!

The deer were even out enjoying the nice afternoon. We saw a couple herds of deer and a bald eagle out and about.

Travis and Uncle Matthew checking out a calf

Landon and I waiting in the truck for Christian to get back.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Some first tastes!

One of the things that we find humorous as parents is, mean as it might be, feeding the boys foods just to see how they will react! The other day, Christian decided to give Landon a taste of a dill pickle. The pictures show how he reacted to the initial taste. After a few tastes, he actually seemed to like them and wanted to keep chewing on it. Up to this point, Landon has gotten to taste ice cream (he is an Asay after all), chew on a carrot, some jello salad and some apple. The reactions have all been about the same on the first taste but then he seems to like them!

Friday, March 9, 2012


A couple of weeks ago, Carson was caught in the act! He was caught being responsible. According to Carson, he and another friend saw a boy bending another boy's arm backwards so they went and got a teacher to help him out. Carson and his friend were turned into the principal for being responsible at school and reporting to a teacher that someone was being hurt. As a result, Carson was recognized for his good deed and given a pencil and his name put on the 100's board. The school sent home a letter for us to read and sign and Carson will later be rewarded further for his good act (I guess....that's what Carson tells me anyways)! Good job on being such a good person, Carson. I am so greatful that I have such great boys that choose the right!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Fun in the snow

Last week, we got a little snow storm that the boys were excited to go and play outside in. Carson was out of school for two days so one of the days they got bundled up and headed out to play. We filled up some spray bottles with colored water and let them spray the snow different colors. Next time we will put more food coloring in the water so that it shows up better. After playing in the snow, they came in for some dino shaped sandwiches and chips! Travis was so glad to have his brother home for those two extra days to play with him!