Saturday, August 28, 2010

Our new LoVe!

Last week, my mom made a quick trip down to see us and deliver the boat that we bought to us. Since we've moved to Nebraska, we've found that quite a few people around here pack up their boats and campers and head to one of the numerous lakes around for the weekends. We always thought it would be fun to have one since Christian works short days on Fridays and has weekends off. We started looking for boats last year, and then this year (especially after we took my parent's boat out once) we really got serious about check craig's list every day serious! Thanks to a family friend who is in the car delership business, he was able to find us a pretty good deal on a boat...and we love it! We took it out once while my mom was here to check things out, and then survived our first family outing in it today (despite the wind). We are so excited to have it and can't wait to use it more next summer! I know we will make lots of fun family memories on this boat! Thanks again Mom and Megan for getting the boat to guys are the best!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


You know you are getting good at multi-tasking when you can suck your thumb AND pick your nose at the same time!! Nice work, Travis!:)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunflower Fields

Ever since we have moved to Nebraska I have admired the fields of large sunflowers. Each year, I tell Christian that I want to take family pictures out in one, but we either miss them when they are in their prime, or don't have someone to take a picture for us. This year, we had all our ducks in a row and got it done!! Christian asked for permission to enter one of the fields by our house, and I asked a good friend of ours from church to come and take our pictures. It was quite a hike into the field...something we weren't anitcipating, but I LOVE, love, LOVE the pictures that were taken! Thanks so much Staci for being willing to make the trek with your baby and all your are the best!! Here are a few of the pictures that were taken with some very ameture editing done on my part(if you can call using picnik as editing)! Thanks again Staci!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Creepy, Crawly Friends!

For the last couple of weeks, as soon as Christian gets home from work, Carson quizzes him about all the animals he has seen at work that day. The usual answers include mice, deer, turkeys, horses, cows, and bugs. Because of Carson's sudden interest in what Christian sees, Christian thought it would be fun to bring some of the things home that he encounters at work. One day he brought home a big nasty spider that makes me cringe just thinking about it. I didn't get a picture of him because he was gross. A couple of days later, he brought home this little guy: The boys loved the frog and didn't really want to let him go. Another day, we met this guy: He's the biggest praying mantis we have seen yet! He was pretty cool too. Carson still asks Christian if he has any "surprizes" for him when he gets home from work each day in hopes that his dad has a new creep, crawly friend!

In other news this week, we went and picked sweet corn from one of the families that Christian works with to freeze. We are very grateful to have such nice friends!

One day this week, the boys went through ALL the toys in Carson's toybox. It kept them occupied and quite quiet for like an hour, so I was ok with the mess at the end. They discovered some toys they hadn't played with in a was like Christmas again! One of the things Travis found was a set of musical drum sticks. He even made his own drums to play on...too cute!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Grandmas, part 2

Saturday evening(a week ago), Christian's mom and grandma Dorothy arrived at our house and stayed until Tuesday! It was fun to spend a couple of days with them playing at the park, roasting marshmallows, and hanging out! We loved having you guys here and can't wait to see you guys again! We love you!!

Enjoying some 'mallows!

Playing in the park

Carson and Grandma Asay practicing with Carson's new sling-shot.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Grandmas, grandmas, and more grandmas!

And we can't leave out an aunt! For the last week, we have had family visiting!! My mom and sister came last Tuesday and left Sunday morning. That same weekend (on Saturday) Christian's mom and grandma arrived at our house and stayed until Tuesday! We have had a house full, but loved every minute of it!! On Wednesday, we enjoyed a day at the pool with the boys. We watched them swim while we caught some rays and then enjoyed a refreshing sno cone! Thursday, we made a trip to Kearney, Ne to do some much needed shopping. Friday, we spent the day lounging around and that night made our way to our county fair to see the animals eat yummy food, and go on rides, followed by some game playing at home. Saturday we had a picnic in the park where we fed the ducks and waited for the arrival of Christian's mom and grandma that night. The rest of our activities with Grandma Asay and Grandma Dorthy will have to be another post!

Swimming away!

Playing with sidewalk chalk. We had the most colorful sidewalk and driveway in the neighborhood!!

Enjoying some hop scotch

Fun at the Redwillow County Fair!

The boys enjoying a drink from the lovely community drinking fountain! It was quite gross because people would come and cover up the other spouts with their fingers to make it so that they would have more pressure for their spout...gross!

As we were leaving the fair, we saw the mechanical bull and my sister and Christian decided they needed to see who could ride the longest/best. They ended up getting a deal and Carson got to ride too! He loved it and the man running the bull did a great job of making it just right for Carson.

Ever wonder that happens when a guy with really hairy legs rides a mechanical bull? Well, this is what happens...the hair on your legs gets knotted up into tiny balls! Really funny!!

Afternoon picnic in the park!

It was fun to have you here mom and Megan! We love you guys!