Monday, August 31, 2009

Fishing FrEnZy!

That's right, we went fishing this Saturday, after the boys had taken naps, with some friends of ours and you would not believe how crazy the fish were! We caught probably 15 fish in the hour we were there! They must have been extremely hungry because just about every time we threw our line in we got a bite! They were loving grasshoppers and some bread that people had left there (people take bread to these ponds and feed the geese that live there) It was so fun for Carson to be able to catch SO many fish all by himself! Most of them were pretty little but he didn't care!

Travis wanted the fish SO bad!

Our biggest catch of the day!

The first fish Carson caught for the day! He was pretty proud!

Christian's Whopper of a fish...this is actually the smallest one we caught, but the rest weren't much bigger!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A favorite!

I was going through my picture folders and came across this picture of Carson that has always been one of my favorite pictures of him.

Christian's parents have a fun little red tractor that Carson has always loved to play on. He's about 1, or 1 1/2 in this picture. Then, I realized that while we were home last time, we snapped another picture of Carson on the same tractor. It's amazing how much he has grown up in two years! I wish now, I had taken one each year to see how much he has changed and grown!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A corn pickin' good time!

Last Thursday, we went out as a family to pick some sweet corn from one of Christian's farmers. We helped them fill a trailer full of corn that they were going to sell and picked some for us to freeze. Carson had fun out in the corn tearing down corn stalks and putting corn in the buckets.

Friday night, for our date, Christian and I shucked,

Travis joining in on the shucking fun!


cut them off the cobs,

Cuttin' some corn, cuttin' some corn! Can I get some butta' please?!

and then bagged it to be frozen.

We got 25 bags the first night and a total of 47 bags from doing 2 more times. It was a fun experience for us and we are so excited to eat it this winter. Ther is nothing better than home grown sweet corn!

Some other events of interest from last week included:
a very unwelcomed visitor...Mr. Bat! This bat spent the entire afternoon on our screen door. I threw several different things at the door to try and get it to fly away, but...not such luck. We had to wait for Christian to come home before it went away and it wasn't an easy task! Christian slammed the screen door atleast 4 times...each time it would fly away and come immediatly back. The last time it flew away and rested on one of the slats on our deck. Christian grabbed a stick and poked it but it would just move to the other side of the slat! Finally, after getting poked a few times it took off and didn't come back.

This weekend we made our way to Imperial, NE for the Chase County fair. We had missed our fair here, the one in the county north of us and the ones back home, so we decided to go to this one. We had heard that it was supposed to be pretty good, and it was. It reminded us alot of the Park County fairs at home. This is the first year that Carson has really had the desire to ride the rides and he had fun doing it. He only wanted to ride 3 of them, which was fine with us...we both have really weak stomachs when it comes to rides. We had yummy indian tacos and listened to the country band Little Big Town while we ate. Our evening kind of got cut short because of rain, but it was fun to get away to somewhere new for the evening!

Checking out the tractors...!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Visiting the grandparents!

As promised, here is the rest of our trip to Wyoming. The second week of our stay was spent visiting all our family. I love that we can go home and visit everyone while we are there! While visiting my family, we...


Travis enjoying an ice cream bar after an afternoon on the boat

swam in the pool

lunch with Uncle Jason after a hard afternoon of swimming
had fun in the truck

and played around!

Cousins, plus one more on the way

When we visited the Asay's, we had fun:
working hard (as Carson says)

went up to Five Springs in the Big Horns for a picnic

getting Travis' first haircut


...bye bye curly mullet!

having yummy dinner at Michael and Emily's

watched Uncle Daniel climb power poles

and enjoyed playing with everyone!
The Asay grandsons and Uncle Jacob

King Jacob and his knights Carson and Stetson

Christian met us in Laramie on Sunday so we also got to stay the night and see Matthew and Charlene! Carson was really excited to see his girlfriend!:)

Not so sure about those crazy goats!

Matthew and Charlene had a pen for a dog they were going to get and the boys absolutely LOVED playing in it! Carson had a blast pretending to be a dog and Travis loved shaking the sides of it! It was too cute!