Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mustang Days 2011!

Last week was the eer-anticipated Mustang Days. It's a week long celebration for the the town of Lovell that consists of community performances, a quilt show, street dance to a local band, family fun night, class reunions, a parade, and fireworks. It's a fun week with lots to do, and we usually get to see lots of friends and family we don't see often. This year, the boys and I were gone most of the week, so we missed the Follies (a community performace), but we were there for the other major events. Friday night as soon as we got back from Utah, we took the boys over to grandpa and grandma Asay's so that Christian and I could go hang out with some of Christian's friends from high school at the street dance. It was fun to catch up with some friends that we haven't talked to in a while. Saturday, we got up and went to the parade. Christian's brother, Jacob, was on the Stake church float and his other brother Michael and aunt were on their class reunion floats. They little boys got a bunch of candy and the adults even got some ice cream sandwiches. After the parade, we got had yummy lunch at Daniel and Kasi's house and got to hang out with everyone. After some much needed naps, we went back into town to have dinner with Christian's friend and his girlfriend and then headed to the lake to watch the fireworks. We had never gone before and didn't really know what to expect. We waited for almost two hours in the crazy wind, but the fireworks were really good. We will know better next time what to expect and will bring teats and blankets! It was a great weekend and we were sad to have it over!

Fun at the parade!!

BBQ at Daniel and Kasi's. Kasi's mom and dad found these raccoons in one of their trees and gave them to their daughter-in-law's mom. They were at the bbq and the boys thought they were something else...I thought they were a little creepy and gross myself (I made them change their clothes as soon as we got home!).

Waiting for the fireworks to start. It was really windy which made it kind of chilly and we only had one blanket in our car, so we all four had to share. Next year we will be more prepared!

This was a cool heart firework...you can't really tell, but it is! :)

Monday, June 27, 2011

Aunual SLC trip

This last week, we were able to take a trip to Salt Lake City with my mom and dad. My dad and brothers have work meetings all week, so we get the opportunity to go and chill with my mom and have fun while they are working. We left on Monday and got back Friday night. Monday, we spent traveling, Tuesday we did a little shopping (and by little I mean about 1 1/2 hours worth...definately not enough), and went down to Logan to visit my sister, Wednesday, we went to the zoo, swam for a bit, and then had dinner withmy family, my aunt and uncle and Eric and Mindy. Thursday we swam in the pool all afternoon and then enjoyed a yummy dinner that is put on by Asociated Food Stores. That night, we talked my sister in to staying the night with us and going back home in the morning before she had to go work, so we got to spend the evening hanging out with her and we are so glad that she decided to stay and party with us! Friday we had breakfast and then packed up our stuff and waited for my parents to get out of meetings to head home.

Enjoying some IN-N-OUT burgers and fries...and hats!

Playing at the park while we waited for my sister to get off work.

Hogle Zoo. They had a great dinosaur exhibit set up all throughout the zoo that my boys thought was just as good as the living animals! This was the first year that we rode the train ride...not so impressed! We waited in line for like 30 minutes for a three minute ride that took us to see buffalo, sheep and goats...all things we see in a car ride down to Grandma Asay's house!

Swimming in the pool.

Family pictures in the courtyard or "maze" as Carson called it. They boys had tons of fun looking for snail houses (snail shells) and riding the deer statues that are there.

Hanging out with Auntie Butts our last night in the hotel!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mule Days

Every Father's Day weekend, the town of Ralston is home to Mule Days. People from across the United States bring in their mules to show and sell and compete. For the last few years, Christian has wanted to go...he has a secret love for mules and always teases that he's going to buy one. This year, my dad had received some tickets for the Mule Days Rodeo and gave us the tickets to use. We gave what we didn't need to Christian's brothers and their families and so we were joined at the rodeo by Matthew and Charlene and baby Ian, Jacob, and Daniel and Kasi. It was beautiful day and we got to enjoy lots of mules participating in rodeo events, some that we had seen before and some we hadn't seen done before like the balloon shoot where they shoot balloons from their mules (the boys really thought that was cool). The highlight of the day, though, had to be the Rocky Mountain Oysters, or "texticles", as Carsons calls them!! They were selling them at one of the food vendor booths and so the guys all had to try some. My boys thought they were awesome and chowed them! I guess anything is good when you can smother it in ranch (although I could not bring myself to try them)!

The Asay boys very own Testicle Festival



...Gone! and so good!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Baby #3!

A week ago, Thursday, I got to finally have another ultraound! I have been dying to find out what we are going to have. The baby looks and measures great and it's still a mystery what we are having! The ultrasound guy did a bunch of work with his 2D machine to get the measurements he needed and then used the 3D machine to try and get some fun 3D pictures of this little person. We got some great pictures (none of which I could scan because now our scanner is having issues so these are pictures of the ultrasound pictures...sorry for the blurriness). He got all done with the 3D ultrasound and told me I could get up and use the bathroom and I was like, "wait...did you see what the sex was because you never said?" He then tells me he forgot to check for sure...nice! So he gets out the 2D thing again to check and by that time baby #3 was tight-legged and he said he couldn't tell for sure...some times it looked like a girl, some times a boy but would give me a 60-65% chance it was a boy. So, we walked away from our ultrasound disappointed that we didn't know what we were going to have. I was really looking forward to shopping while I was in Salt Lake this last week. I will hopefully get to have another ultrasound so that we can find out...I can't stand the suspense! But the most important information was that the baby is healthy. I'm feeling it move more and more all the time and Christian has gotten to feel it move a couple of times too!

Here is baby #3:

Here I am at 22 weeks (hate to take these pictures, but they are always fun to look back on)

Picking asparagus

There are many benefits to living out in the country where we are. One of them is being able to pick fresh asparagus! It's kind of like a treasure hunt...we never know where there is going to be some and when there is...happy day! There is nothing better than asparagus in the summer!!This last week, we went out and picked some. We got quite a good bag full to share with one of Christian's co-workers! The boys always enjoy helping their dad collect it. They are getting pretty good at spotting it now.

Why Christian insists on making this face whenever I try to take his picture, I may never know. But I still love him and all his goofiness!! :)