Wednesday, March 19, 2008


For family home evening Monday, we colored eggs as a family. Well, Carson did most of the coloring, but we had fun watching. He was so excited all afternoon to "color eggs", I thought he was going to burst! I had to keep reminding him that we had to wait until after we ate dinner. As a result, he wanted to eat dinner right then so he color his eggs.

We dyed all the eggs in the house...I didn't want to go buy any more because we are going to be gone all next week and needed to use the ones we had. When we were down to just a couple, Christian decided it would be fun to mix the colors and Carson thought he needed to put one of the eggs into all the colors. He pulled his egg out once, looked at it and replied "brown poop egg." I guess he thought it looked like brown poop. It was hilarious!Our biggest accomplishment...we didn't spill anything...Yee Haw! As soon as we were done, Carson wanted to eat one, but was denied. I can't believe how much this kid LOVES eggs and in any form...pickled, scrambled, deviled, plain with salt, etc.... He asked for one the very next morning as soon as he got up...he's crazy!!