Monday, May 19, 2008

Poor little birdie!

Yesturday after church, Christian and I both had meetings afterwards. A couple of young men in our branch were so kind to take Carson and play with him outside for us while we were meeting. After about an hour, we were finally done and I went to find Carson. We looked all outside the church and didn't find him, so we went back in and there they were. One of the boys apologizes saying "We, uh, kind of had a little accident while we were chasing birds outside today." I said, "Oh, what kind of accident?" "Well, we were chasing birds and Carson some how found a nest full of blue eggs.." Well, come to find out Carson found the nest, picked up an egg, not realizing how delicate they are, and squished it everywhere! Yes that's right... baby bird all over his hands and church clothes. Stinkin' little boy...poor little egg!


Teri Durtsche said...

Oh, how sad...and messy. Carson is so cute.