Monday, September 22, 2008

Bubbles! and Fangs

While my mom was here staying with us, her and Carson went out on the deck to blow bubbles and she got the cutest pictures of him in action.

I love how Carson's eyes are crossed in this picture!

Carson got a package in the mail today and he has had the funnest time with these wax fangs! I can remember playing with them as a kid and thinking they were the coolest thing ever!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


Friday, Christian went to work, and when he returned, at 5 ish, this is what he found...

I guess we were a little tired! The funny thing is that we were all three scrunched onto the love seat...not the couch, but man were we comfy!

For the past year, I have been serving in the Young women's in our branch, and I have absolutely loved it. We have the best girls around! About a month ago, our branch president called me into his office...and I feared the worst...I was going to be released from my calling. I was preparing to plead my case (not really) and tell him that I'd be ok to stay in YW once the baby was born...I could handle it. Well, come to find out, they were releasing me and to my surprise, putting me in as Primary president...yikes! So, today it was made official. I kind of had a baby, so it delayed things a little bit. I'm excited about my new calling, but a little scared, too. I haven't been in primary since I left it as a kid 12 years ago, so I have a lot to learn and remember, but I have great counselors, so that will really help! I will definately miss being with the young women though!
The boys were outside bbqing after church today and I caught them slacking...not really. They were waiting for our chicken to finish cooking.

Oh, I think we may have witnessed Travis' first "real" smile today at church. Christian was being the goofball he is and making faces and crazy noises while he was holding Travis and he gave him the biggest grin! It was pretty cute. The sad thing is, we couldn't get him to do it again!

Monday, September 15, 2008


Tonight Carson and Christian went and played Frolf a.k.a Frisbee golf while Travis and I made our weekly grocery shopping trip. There is a group of bachelors in our branch that get together every week and play at the course here in McCook. What started out as a group of about 3 has grown to about 6 or seven. They always try to get Christian to come with them, but he hasn't been able to go very many times because of work. Carson was pretty excited to go tonight. We even dug through his toy box to find his frisbees to take with him so he could "play" too. It sure looked like they had fun!

Getting ready to leave
He's quite the pro!

Check out that (blurry) form!

Some of the guys that they were with.

Posing by the tree
On their way to the next hole

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Meeting Family

This weekend, Travis got to meet a couple more members of his family. My dad, brother, and Jan (Christian's mom) came down to meet Travis. It was so much fun to have them here, but we wish everyone could have been here. They will all eventually meet him though. We went to the park, played games, and...the best part...just got to be together as family! We miss you all and can't wait to see you again...soon!

Carson sporting his auntie Butts' volleyball pin from high school.

Gramma Asay snuggling with Travis

Carson's photo shoot at the park

Carson and Christian walking around the duck pond at the park
Throwing rocks in the pond with Jason

Christian and Carson on top of a tank

Jason and Carson

Riding uncle Jason's leg...FUN, FUN, FUN (for Carson anyways!)!

Playing games
Beating grampa at cards...he's pretty proud of himself!
Jan I hope you don't get mad at me for posting these pics, but Christian told me to!
Christian likes to tease his mom that she used to give them "no breathers" when they were little. She totally denies it but told him that since she's being accused to doing it she was going to get him in his sleep. Well, she didn't get him in his sleep, but she got him during cards last night. Way to go Jan!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Travis Foulger Asay

In his happy place...

He loves to have his hands up around his face as you will see in a lot of the pictures

Our new little family

The hospital had him wear these weird little dress looking things. We thought they were funny because it made it look like he didn't have any legs

My cute little boys!

First bath at home

He found his finger...yum!

I have finally had a moment to sit down and actually make a real post with a little more detail about our new arrival. I started having contractions Sunday night about 9:00, but I wasn't really sure they were the real thing. With Carson, my water broke and I immediately had contractions about 8 minutes apart, so there was no guessing that I was in labor, but this time, my water never broke. As the night progressed, my contractions got closer and closer together and more and more intense until I couldn't handle it any more. About 6 a.m. we dropped Carson off at one of his little friends house for the day and headed to the hospital. One the way to the hospital, I kept telling Christian that I didn't remember being in so much pain with Carson as I was this time. Well, come to find out, I was already dialated to almost a 9! So no wonder I was in so much this time with Carson, I had had some good drugs going through me for quite a while! I just made the window to recieve any sort of pain relief and man was I glad to get it! Anyways, at 9:22 a.m., after not very much pushing, Travis Foulger Asay was born. He weighed 6 pounds 13 ounces and was 20 inches long. When they did his initial check up, they thought that part of one of his lungs might be collapsed, but after 2 x-rays were sent up to a specialist in North Platte, NE, things were found to be just fine! We spent a total of two nights in the hospital and got to go home Wednesday. My mom came Monday and is still here helping out. She has been so much help. This weekend, my dad, brother, and Christian's mom are coming down to meet the little guy! We are so excited to see them. Travis has been such a good baby! He pretty much already has a routine down for sleeping...yeah for us! Carson absolutely loves his baby brother. He would rather call him baby brother than his's too cute! He loves to kiss on him and hold him. He's going to be a great big brother! Well, now that I have bored you with all the details, here are some more pictures. Enjoy!!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Laboring on Labor Day!

This past Labor Day proved to live up to it's title! At 9:22 in the morning, Travis Foulger Asay was born! He weighed 6 pounds 13 ounces and was 20 inches long! He has a fair amount of dark hair...which is what Carson predicted. He said that this baby was going to have hair and eyes like dad (both brown). Here are a few pictures from the first couple of days. We are so glad to be at home and enjoy our own environment and are doing great! We'll post some more pictures here in the next couple of days!