Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Quick trip home

On Thursday we got to head home to Wyoming for the weekend for some special events. Christian's brother, Daniel returned home from his mission the weekend before and his other brother, Michael and his wife Emily were blessing their new baby girl, and Christian was doing some work with the college up there. It was a pretty quick trip, but we were so excited to get to go home and see everyone before Christian gets super busy again. We left Thursday afternoon and drove to Casper to stay with my mom and brother who were there for State basketball. Friday morning we made our way to Powell so Christian could meet witht the college about possibly getting some students to come and work as interns for the company he works for. That night we stayed in Lovell. Saturday we went to the temple with all of Christian's family. It was so fun to be with everyone in the temple. That night we ran to Powell while everyone was at a reception to see my family. Sunday was a very busy day with family pictures, family lunch, church, and then to Powell to spend the night with my family. We had so much fun seeing everyone. This was the first time in 4 years that all of Christian's family had been together.

Carson in his too cool shades
Everyone up at the Billings, MT temple

Jared and Travis hanging out in their jammies taking naps
Christian got a new hitch for his birthday and jumped at the chance to use it to pull out the
Matthew and his too cool shades!

Family pics. Teri Durtsche took them for us...I'm sure hers will turn out way better than my snap shots
Grampa and Grama Asay and their grandkids. Travis was very concerned about baby Kandace.
All 10 of the Asay boys! (We took pictures of the Asay girls, but all the ones I had on the camera we were all looking in different places)
Jared and Carson playing cops
One tired baby!

After church Sunday

Travis and grampa Foulger doing the "trick"

Hanging out with Grampa Foulger

This actually wasn't the video I wanted, but I figured I would leave it since it was uploaded to show Travis' first attempts at actually crawling. If he could just figure out how to lift that dang head up!

My mom's dog was hitting the squeeky toy back to my dad and Travis thought it was hilarious. I think it was more the sound of the toy than the trick.


Nick and Megan said...

What a wonderful weekend! I love the videos of Travis! His giggle is precious! I'm glad you got to come back to WY... I'm surprised we didn't run into each other in Powell or Billings! Both your boys are getting so big and more and more adorable! Glad you had a fun trip!

Megan said...

i love the pics of the fam...they look cute! I am sad i missed out on the fun at mom's saturday night and sunday night...way to party on without me! those are some cute boys tho!!

Brenda said...

Those are great pictures, I love seeing them. And it was great to see you guys in person too.

Phillips Family said...

Looks like you had a blast. I bet it made you want to move closer to family.

The LaPierre Crew said...

Great Looking Family!!! Wyatt giggled watching that video of your dad and Travis...wee watched it several times, he loves it!

ozzmom said...

Love the pics and the videos babies giggles are the best!! Glad I got to finally see your cuties and you too:)

Trevor & Andrea said...

looks like a fun filled week! love the pics you have a very cute lil family :)