Monday, April 27, 2009

Signs of summer time!

Well, I had really good intentions of posting these pictures last week when it really was summer! We had BEAUTIFUL 80 degree weather last week and we were convinced it was summer time! We mowed our lawn, barbequed a lot, found that our peas and radishes had come up, ran (and ran through) the sprinklers,

blew bubbles,

Enjoyed the blooming tulips,

and just enjoyed being outside.

This week is not supposed to be as nice, but we will deal! We really haven't been up to too much lately. We had a game night at our house with the bachelors in our branch last night. We played cards and the guys played a very intense game of Risk (not my fave!).

Travis has finally had one tooth break through on the bottom and is working on another one right next to it. He is busy, busy, busy, and is now trying to pull himself up on things! Carson has been doing SO good with potty training! I can't believe how well it went! We are so proud of him! I had to share a couple of cute videos of Travis and his slurping abilities! It was pretty fun to watch him! Sorry that they are sideways...I forget you have to film them the other way!

Munching on some licorice...yummy!

The boys in their matching jammies!


Stacey said...

Your orange flowers are pretty. Are they poppies? What a pretty background for the pictures! Love Carson in is hat and travis eating licorice!! I hope this week is better than you expect weather-wise.

The Asay's said...

Oh I am so jealous of your 80 degree weather, and your beautiful flowers. It was nice here all week only in the 60's, but this weekend we got rain, and then we had snow this morning. Yuck!

Emily Asay said...

great pictures, seriously, I love them. And I want to come to Nebraska and bask in the sun with you!! I'm glad Carson is potty training good, thats awesome news, and yay for blooming tulips~!

Megan Foulger Evans said...

oh what fun times!!! i can't wait to come see a week and a half!! i'm counting down already! i miss those cute boys!

Grandma Arlene said...

Thanks for sharing your pics and videos. Beautiful little boys!! Travis reminds me of Misse's baby Zoe--same little square face and adorable grin. Tell your mom hi for me.