Monday, May 25, 2009


Well, we survived our weekend of camping. This is the second year that we have been asked to go with the youth in our branch on their camp out. This year they are going to Martin's Cove in Wyoming for Youth Conference and this was kind of a preparation for that.

I was really surprised at how well Travis did. He was such a trooper! I was kind of unsure how he would do with not being able to get down and move all around as he pleased during the day, but he did good...that night was another story. I know I shouldn't expect to sleep while I'm camping, but I wasn't expecting that every time Carson or I moved that he would wake up. Oh well.

Carson was in heaven the whole time we were there. He loves being outside where there are sticks galore, cows, horses, and marshmallows! What made it even better was that his favorite friend from church was there too! We enjoyed great food (we had goat...a first for me...), riding horses, roasting mallows, and good conversation. We are so glad that we have such a fun family in our branch that invites up to their property to party with them!

I just had to post this to show Travis' teeth. He now has four of them! Once the first one popped through, the other three were right behind! I'm sad to say that the poor kid is looking like he is going to have my HUGE teeth...

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


This last weekend was free fishing day in the state of Nebraska. Carson has wanted to go fishing for quite some time now so we thought this would be a great time to go. It was a beautiful day...a little chilly becuase we went in the morning because Christian had to work that afternoon. We didn't have any luck catching fish...we weren't really expecting to, but we had fun being together as a family. Ever since Carson was little, has always loved being outside and so whenever we do something like this he is absolutely in heaven! We fished for about an hour and then ate our picnic lunch and went for a short hike to throw rocks in the water. We had lots of fun and Carson can't wait for this weekend when we get to go camping with the young men and women in our branch.

For Mother's Day, I got a bike trailer that I've been talking about getting since we moved here. Christian put it together for me the other day and the boys loved it! Thanks for the bike trailer...we love it!

Friday, May 15, 2009

Week with Gramma and Auntie Butts

This last week, we were so gald to have my mom and sister come and visit us. Although we really didn't do anything too exciting, we had lots of fun just being together and when they left, I have to admit...I was a little homesick. We loved having you guys here and spending time with you. Thanks for being such a great grandma and aunt! We can't wait to see you in June!
Travis munching on some brown licorice...yum-o!

My sister and I

Grandma Foulger with all of Carson's gear on

Enjoying his first popsicle

Being mushed on

Travis straight chilling while we shopped
"working out" on the exercise equipment on the walking path
Grandma, Carson and Megan playing a mean game of cootie!
Carson and his cootie
Grandma and Travis

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Oh man that's a good booger!

Last night at dinner, we had quite the crazy experience. I had cooked spaghetti for dinner and had given Travis a few little pieces to munch on. I decided to give him a little bit bigger one so that he could show his dad how good he is at slurpping them. I gave him the noodle, he slurped it up and swallowed big deal. A few minutes later, he sneezed a couple of times, coughed a couple of times, and then sneezed a couple more times to produce what looked like "a good booger" as his dad called it. When I looked to see at how "good" it was, we realized that it was no was a NOODLE! Travis had sneezed out that noodle!! I'm not really sure how it all happened but it was CrAzY! Christian pulled it out, after a quick picture was taken ofcourse, and then we got the booger sucker just to make sure it was all out. You just never know what's going to happed at dinner with the Asay's!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

It's another boy... It's official...we've added another member to our family! As soon as we got our own house, we have wanted to get a dog-especially a beagle. We've been looking for one but have been pretty unsuccessful until recently. About a month ago there was an ad in the newpaper for some, but when we called, our call was never returned. A few weeks ago we heard from a friend back home that their neighbors were having a litter and we were pretty excited until we thought about how we were going to get it and get it home (12 hours with a dog does not sound or smell exciting to us), so we decided not to persue it anymore. Well, on Thursday, there was an ad in the paper again for beagle puppies and we call, once again, to find out that there were two males left of the litter. We talked about it and well, here is Opie! He's a 13 week old tri-colored Beagle with Blue Tick markings on his legs and nose. Carson is absolutely smitten by him. He started crying when Christian put Opie in the kennel so we could leave to get get our pet supplies. The whole way to Wal-Mart he kept talking about how sad his dog was about him leaving and that Opie would be so happy when he got back. Although we have told him that Opie is an outdoor dog, he's asked us a couple of times if his dog could sleep with him in his bed and they could read stories. I have a feeling they are going to be great friends!!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy May Day!

Just wanted to wish everyone a Happy May Day! I can't believe it's already May! I just wish it felt like May! Here are the fun treats Carson and I made this morning to fill May Day baskets with! Have a great day!!