Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Pizza and Pool Party

Today Carson got to have some of his friends from church come over for a party. When everyone arrived, each of the kids each got to make their own personal pizza. While the pizzas cooked, the kids headed out to the pool. We had put the slide in the pool and the kids had a blast. Carson was so excited to have his friends to play and they had lots of fun! We even had a little pool for the two little guys to play in. Travis was a crazy man and loved being able to get in and out of the pool all by himself! Here are some pictures from the day.

I just had to post some pictures from the other day at the pool. Carson's shark was quite a hit! All the kids loved it and loved being chased by it. We went during Travis' nap time and as a result, he fell asleep. This picture shows just how tired he was. I was able to lay him down on the cement and let him sleep. And of course we had to have a green snow cone before we could leave. Carson starts swimming lessons next week and is really excited. The lady that does story time at the library is also the swim instructor and he really likes her and is looking forward to starting!

This was our project last weekend...and this week. We have two patches of area in front of our house that the previous owners had placed wood chips in. Well, the neighborhood cats deemed these their personal litter boxes...beyond gross! So, we decided it was time to take them all out and put rock in, in hopes that the cats will find somewhere else to relieve themselves and it won't smell anymore. We ran out of bags and rock, so we only got one side done...so the project continues!

Carson's job was to stay in the playpen to keep Travis happy. It only lasted for about 5 minutes then they were done...well, mostly Travis was done!


The LaPierre Crew said...

Summer Fun! The slide pool set up is awesome...I think that is similar to what Weston was trying to achieve when I caught him peeing down his slide today...CRAZY KID!!!

Tracy said...

Your boys are growing so fast and are so cute!! Looks like summer is going good for you...FUN!!

Megan Foulger said...

oh man! You guys have been having way too much fun!!! The pics are all adorable...love them!! I can't wait to see you guys!!!