Monday, August 10, 2009


Yikes! It has been forever since I have been on here. The last three weeks have been FULL of fun and it will take me a few posts to document everything that we did. Three weeks ago, my mom flew out to Nebraska to spend a week with us. It was so fun to have her here and hang out. After being here a week, she flew home with me and the boys. We stayed in Wyoming for two weeks and were going non-stop the whole time we were there. The first week my mom's side of the family had a family reunion in Big Timber, MT. It was so much fun to see so much family. Currently, there are 173 members of my mom's extended family with 3 on the way. Out of 173, 115 of us were there at the reunion! It was amazing!! While we were at the reunion, we...

fished (Carson's favorite part)

Carson showing us where he caught the fish at
Carson's fish

played games

It's tradition at Savage family reunions that everyone runs in foot races. Carson was in the 4 and under group and didn't come in first (but was close) but definately went the furthest. He kept going and going after they were supposed to stop!
There he goes!


went to the Natural Bridge

and just hung out!
My mom and her siblings except for my aunt Arlene who couldn't be there!
Roastin' mallows!
Watching movies
waiting for everyone to get ready
Eating olives the best known your fingers!
I'm so blessed to be part of such a great family! It's not too often that this many people get together for this long and all get along! I have a great family and love being a part of it!
*more pictures to come from the rest of our trip!


Megan Foulger said...

YAY!!!! It was so much fun...gotta love our awesome crazy family! :) Glad we got to hang out for a week...can't wait til next time!!

Phillips Family said...

Those were some big fish!! Looks like a fun reunion.

Brenda said...

I didn't realize that Karen was your mom's sister, I thought that they were cousins or some reason. It looks like fun, fun, fun!

The Bruneau Bunch said...

Yes, it was a great reunion!! We do have an awesome family don't we? It was good to see you and your boys.:)

Emily Asay said...

i love family reunions, i think they're so special!! it was fun to see you guys. :)

Arlene said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I'm extremely sad to have missed all the fun. I'll be there for sure next time.

The LaPierre Crew said...

You are one good look'n group! Glad you had so much ROCKS!