Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend of wrestling!

This weekend we ran to Casper, Wyoming to watch Christian's two youngest brothers wrestle at state wrestling. We hadn't seen either of them wrestle in a few years so we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to go and see them both, along with some of Christian's family. Despite having two sick boys and missing Jared's third place win, it was so fun to see them in action and to see grandpa and grandma Asay and Matthew and Charlene. Congrats to both Jared and Jacob on your wrestling seasons! We loved watching you guys this weekend!

Grandma Asay and Carson headed out for some lunch

Travis enjoying some Grandpa time

Fun with Matthew and Charlene

Swimming in the pool

Travis straight chilling.

Carson and Jared

Having fun with their uncle's head gear!

Two tired and sick boys. They both had colds and the flu...YUCK!
Jacob getting ready to head out

Third place!! WOO HOO!!

Jared and Jacob

Friday, February 19, 2010

Trip to Wyoming

On Sunday, the boys and I made our way to Wyoming for a quick trip home. The previous week, my uncle lost his battle to cancer and passed away, so we went home to be there for the funeral.
Although the circumstances for the trip weren't how we would have liked them, it was nice to get to see family while we were there. We enjoyed seeing lots of family...I'm so blessed to come from such a great family!
Travy and Grandma Foulger
Opening up Valentine's from Grandma and Grandpa Foulger

My mom and all her sisters

My mom, all her sisters and her brother. Her other brother came from Oregon, but was sick so didn't come to the funeral.

My mom, sister and I!

Being cheesy!!

Helping Grandpa Asay check cows.

Travis and uncle Jacob being silly!

Cousins playingAunt Kasi and the two youngest!

Grandma Asay and the boys

Carson and Harley chillin'

Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day

This week for our playgroup, we had a Valentine's Day party. We enjoyed heart-shaped sandwiches, veggies and fruit, cupcakes and cookies, made Valentine bags, handed out Valentine's and got to play (well, chat if you were a mom). It was fun to get to do this with the kids. It gets me excited to do this with Carson when he gets in school!

Here's a picture from our very low-key Super Bowl party. Carson was so excited to be able to eat downstairs and watch the game. He kept asking when we were going to have our picnic. Here are the boys apparently enjoying their food!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

This Week with the Asay's

Here is what we were up to this last week! After loosing our beloved Tutter the Fish the 2nd back before Thanksgiving, we finally got a new fish after a trip to North Platte this week. So, meet Tutter the fish the 3rd (yes...our fish have all had the same name!). Travis LOVES the fish, as you can tell! He loves to sit on the couch to watch it!

We experienced a first this week...we "horse sat" for a family in our Branch while they were out of town. Carson was in HEAVEN!

I wanted to include this picture because I thought it was cute. Carson is going through a stage where he wants to sleep with a stuffed animal (or something he says)...or two or three! This is how I found him the other day while he was taking his nap! Carson and all his friends! The cutest part, is that when we (me and Travis) put him down for a nap, Travis automatically goes to Carson's room and gets him the dog and panda bear...what brotherly love!

We are so excited for this week to come! My mom is coming this week to stay for a week. Christian and I are taking advantage of having her here and taking a trip away for the weekend by ourselves before he starts getting super busy again! It will be the first time since Carson was 1 that we went away, just the two of us! We are meeting up with Matthew and Charlene in Denver for a weekend of fun! We are all very excited! Hope you all have a great week and have a Happy Valentine's Day!!