Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Our Water Bug!

Carson finally finished up his swimming lessons this week. He LOVED every minute of them! He has always loved water and is now starting to get the hang of the actual swimming part of it. Travis would have loved to join his brother, but was too little. He had a melt down the first couple of days when he didn't get to get in the water with his brother but really enjoyed watching his brother swim.

Blowing bubbles!

Carson's "muscles"

Longing to be in the pool with his brother!

Playing the last few minutes of of lessons


Phillips Family said...

Love the picture of Travis looking through the fence. Love it because he is holding a stick that looks almost like a cane.

Staci and Jason said...

I wanted to get Jackson into lessons, but he was to small too. Maybe him and Travis will have to take lessons together in the future.

Matthew & Charlene said...

Poor Travis. I love that he always want to be like his big brother. Too cute. Cute pictures. Love you guys.

The LaPierre Crew said...

We just got through with swim lessons too! I am so glad I did it, the kids loved it. Wyatt got to take lessons, and his age group was the biggest class! I had to get in with him, but all three of my kidd-os learned so much it was worth the three hours we spent at the pool for two weeks straight! At least your pool was outside so you could catch some sun while you waited. We all just sat there and shriveled up suffocating from the steam!

Brice and Evee said...

I think an outdoor pool would be fun for lessons. I had to put Aubree in peewee lessons this year because I had promised her she could do lessons and they raised the age. My kids love the water, too, but Travis needs to help them catch on to the swimming part.

Megan Foulger said...

how fun! love the pic of Travy....and Carson looks like he is having a blast!