Thursday, September 30, 2010

WYO, part 2!

And now for the rest of the story! The second part of our trip we spent with Christian's family. It was fun to be there with just about all of his family...we sure missed Matthew and Charlene! Thursday night Daniel and Kasi came from Grand Junction, CO for the weekend and brought a car full of peaches (which were delicious!) Friday night we got to watch Christian's youngest brother, Jacob play football. The boys thought it was pretty cool to get to see Jacob in his uniform! Saturday was the much aniticipated weaning of calves (which is one of the main reasons we decided to come home when we did). We got to drive into Dry Head, MT just as the guys had brought the first group of cows into the corrals and were beinning to separate. Shortly after we got up there, we fixed burgers for the 30 people up helping (or just watching, in my case!) We hardly saw much of Carson who spent most of his time playing in the trees and water with another little boy. Travis and I spent our time watching the guys separate,vaccinate, and load the cows, just waiting for the chance to get to ride horses! The boys each got to ride horses with their dad after they were done with the first group of cows, which is what they had been waiting for for the last couple of weeks! That's all Travis could talk about forever and everytime someone was headed out of the house...he was convinced he was going to get to ride a horse! When the boys were done riding, we loaded our stuff up and headed out to meet up with Jan at Jacob's football game, but we were a tad too late and missed it. That night, we hung out with everyone. Sunday, we made the whole trip home. It was so much fun to see so much family while we were home! We are excited for Thanksgiving when we can see everyone again!!

Christian and I got to get away for a little while and ride on the tractor while he knocked in some ditches. It brought back lots of memories of when we were dating...

Cute little cone heads! The boys thought playing with grandma's strainers was quite entertaining.

Chicken fight!

If you know these Asay boys, you kow that they love to pick on (fight/wrestle) eachother. Christian thought it would be fun to shoot Jared with a rubberband one night and the idea totally backfired on him! He went to pull the rubberband back and it snapped and hit him directly in the eye! After it was still not feeling well the next day, we went to the doctor and found out that the rubberband had left a divot in his eye...ouch! While at the Dr. they did a little test on his eye that involved some dye. Well, the dye made it look like he had a black eye and made the inside of his nose a bright green color! It was kind of crazy. He looked like he was wearing makeup. I just hope he learned his lesson!

The boys getting ready to head up to chase cows.

Kasi, Travis and Stetson enjoying some crackers.

Sorting out the calves.

Jan cooking up some delicious hamburgers.

Kandace and Travis chillaxin'!

Emily, me, and Kasi.

Daniel and Christian holding the fence against the calves so they could get vaccinated.

Jared manning the gate of the truck!

Vaccinating away!

Travis and I hanging out!

Excited to ride. Giddy-up cowboy!

Travis loved when uncle Daniel put his saddle on the ground to ride.

The Asay grandkids in the tub!

Helping make some frozen yogurt!


Matthew & Charlene said...

I love all the pictures. I wish we could of been there so bad. Travis and his red cowboy hat. I love it. We can't wait to see you all at Thanksgiving. And Christian's eye looks horrible. Hope its feeling better. I guess he wont be shooting any more rubber bands at Jared

Brittany H. said...

Beautiful! I love Travis's cowboy hat! Can't wait til we can make it back up there.

Megan said...

Like always, it looks like a great trip! The pictures on the Big Horns were beautiful! I loved Travis riding the saddle on the ground! Too cute! I also loved the picture of you and Christian on the tractor, looking a good as ever!

dkasay said...

we sure had fun with you guys.cant wait to see you at thanksgiving. love ya

Megan Foulger said...

hahahahahahahahahaha i am still laughing at the story about Christian...that's what he gets!!!!! Love all the pics...Love Travy's red hat...where on earth did he get it? ;) so many cute pics...looks like lots of fun!

Megan Foulger said...

oh and no making out on the tractor...that's just gross haha

Julie said...

Yeesh... I hope Christian's eye is ok. Looks like you guys had so much fun!

Staci and Jason said...

Looks like a busy week. What a beautiful setting to have to work in though! Oh how I miss the mountains.

Grandma Arlene said...

I'm glad you guys in the West do what you do, and share the pictures with us townies. Polar opposite of our lives here in the midwest.

Stacey said...

Ouch!! Christian makes me laugh. Hope it is healing. I love love love the pictures! Great piece of home to look at. Your babies are precious!