Monday, February 14, 2011

Trip to The Big Island!

Ok, so I have tried to upload pictures for this post for a week now, and was not having any luck! Finally blogger and my computer decided to cooperate long enough for me to get some pictures up!

Our trip to the Big island of Hawaii, was an awesome trip! We flew out of Billings, MT on a Thursday morning and arrived in Hawaii around 6 that same night. The first evening, we didn't do much. After we finally made it to our resort, we unloaded our luggage and decided to do some much needed walking around the resort to check it all out and stretch our legs (we had a 6 hour flight from LA to Kona, Hawaii). It was getting kind of dark, but we still managed to see a good portion of the resort.

My mom and her pizza that looked like a face. You can't tell from the picture but it had to bubbles that looked like eyes!

Eating some sando's after finally arriving at the resort!

Dont' ask! Let's just say that it had been a long day of airports, planes and too much having to sit still for these two!

Relaxing on a hammock we found on our adventure around the resort the night we got there.

The next morning, we were up bright and early (they are four hours behind us)! We started the day with yummy breakfast and then made our way down to the lagoon at the resort. The lagoon is feed by the ocean so it was full of turtles, all sorts of fish, eels, sting rays, and who know what else there was that we didn't see! While we were at the lagoon, we snorkled, rode the paddle boats, did the paddle boards and enjoyed the sunshine! Later that afternoon, we enjoyed at bbq for lunch, went back and got ready and then enjoyed some shoppingat the local shops.

There were a bunch of these little black crabs on some rocks at the lagoon!

The guys getting ready to snorkel.

Megan, me, and our nieces enjoying the paddle boats.

Trying to master the paddle surf board.

Christian and I under the waterfall.

Day 3 was spent at the beach. Last year when my mom took the girls (and my two boys) over there, we visited two beaches and definatly fell in love with Hapuna beach, so we made sure to make our back there this trip. Being a Saturday, the beach was quite busy. We borrowed boogey boards from my uncle's family and the guys really enjoyed using them to catch some waves! After spending the morning and a part of the afternoon at the beach, we went back that night and enjoyed a sunset dinner by the ocean with all of our family.

Christian was so excited to drive jeeps around the island. We were supposed to have convertables, but they ran out...he had not problem accepting a jeep instead! They were lots of fun to ride around in.

Oh, what a special relationship Christian and my sister have! This picture pretty much explains it...WELL!

My mom and dad enjoying the beach...and eachother!

Me and my seester!

Chilling on the beach.

My brother, Jason, my sister, Megan, and Christian trying to catch a wave on the boogy boards.


After spending the morning, and part of the afternoon at the beach, we went back to our resort, got ready and then had a sunset dinner on the beach with almost all the family (we were minus my uncle Kent, aunt Lori and my cousin Sha and her husband, Brandon).

Each night as we would walk back to our room, we would find piles of rocks place strategically under the MANY statues that were there. Christian, couldn't resist the opportunity to do it either when he cam across a statue without any "additions". The best was a pair of dogs that had a pile of rocks under one and a puddle of water under the other!

After dinner that night, we made our way back to our room to find that two envelopes had been slipped under our door. Inside the envelopes were two plane tickets to island hop over to Oahu for the day. We were so excited to be able to see Pearl Harbor and Wikiki Beach, but we had no idea what was actually in store for us on our trip. The surprise will have to be in my next post though!


Stacey said...

What a wonderful trip!! Great photo of you and Christian under the waterfall!

Deseret said...
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Megan Foulger said...

YAY!! So glad it finally worked for you! Love all the have some really good ones! :)

Matthew & Charlene said...

Looks like a blast in the sun. Love the Christian put rocks under the dog statue.

Emily Asay said...

great pics. Can't wait 'til u guys invite me :) jk