Saturday, May 14, 2011

Our Graduate!

Wow...two graduations in one week! Thursday was Carson's last day of preschool and also his graduation! After weeks of practice (he even showed my sister last weekend what you are supposed to do when you graduate) at school it was finally the day! They sang a few songs for us, recited the Pledge of Alliegance, got their diplomas, and then enjoyed some refreshments. Both of Carson's grandma's were able to make it, along with Travis and I. He took it pretty serious...we were barely able to get a smile out of him before they started their songs! It's crazy to think that next year, I will have a kindergartener!

When we moved to Wyoming, I debated wheter or not to try and get Carson into a preschool...if any would even take him. I finally decided that even though there was only two months left, that it would be a great way for him to get to know some kids. We were lucky to be able to get him into the VIP preschool, and are so glad that we did! Carson had the best teachers. Miss Carol and Miss Laurie are awesome! They made him (well, shoot, me and Travis too) feel so welcome. He made some good friends while he was there and will know some kids when he starts kindergarten in the fall! Congrats, Carson!! We love you!!

The kids walking out to their spots.

Oh, so serious!

Singing a song that they had learned that year.

Waiting patiently to receive his diploma.

Yay...he did it! Getting his diploma from Miss Laurie.

One good looking graduate!

Carson and his teachers: Miss Carol and Miss Laurie.

Carson and his two beautiful grandmas! What a luck guy!

Enjoying some treats together!


Staci said...

So glad to hear that the pre-school worked out with the move. It looked like a fun graduation!

Megan Foulger said...

Congrats, Carson!!! What a cute little grad!