Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween was a busy, busy day for us! Travis, Landon and I went to Carson's school to watch the costume parade. Each class got to parade across the stage dancing, to show off their costumes. It was funny to watch the kids dance as they were up there. I wasn't sure Carson would dance, but he actually did! I only caught the end of the dancing because I was taking pictures.

Afte the costume parade, we ran home for some short naps while we waited for Carson to get home off the bus. Afte he got home, we got dressed in our costumes and made our rounds to visit all the grandmas and grandpas...which is no short task! I don't know if I have ever unloaded the kids that many times in a hour span! We started wuth a visit to grandma Asay, then to great grandma Asay, grandma Dorothy, then to Cowley to see grandpa Monk and Donna, then we were off to Powell to trick or treat grandma and grandpa Foulger and have some Pizza on the Run! The boys had fun showing off their costumes to all their family!

The boys checking out all their candy!

Our family..if you couldn't tell the boys were a little hyper and didnt really want to cooperate...I guess that's what too much candy will do to you!

The boys decorated a cake that we had for dessert after pizza.


Phillips Family said...

Ah, Bumblebee and dracula, both are great choices. Looks like a fun and busy day.

Brittany H. said...

Happy Halloween! Great pumpkins in the next post--halloween kind of snuck up on me, so we'll have to wait until next year (I basically have to MAKE Kevin participate in holiday traditions). Ah well, I'll work on him. Your boys are getting so grown!

ozzmom said...

Holy cow I thought my Halloween was busy. Did your parents have a lot of visitors my mom and dad didnt have much but it was fun.