Thursday, January 19, 2012


We haven't been up to much lately, but I figured it was about time for some updates on the boys!
Carson is loving kindergarten and is starting to read books! It's been so fun to see him progress this year and we look forward to listening to him read us his books each night. He's working on replacing the two bottom teeth he has lost. One is about half way in and the other one is just starting to poke through the gum.

Travis got to move up from nursery to sunbeams in church and is LOVING it. We are glad we don't have to fight with him each week about going to nursery any more. For some reason, the last about 3 months of his time in there, he hated going. He said that nursery was for babies and he was a big kid. He seems to really like primary! He's a huge help to mom and LOVES his baby brother! He has a great imagaination. In fact, yesterday, he asked me if he could have two ziplock baggies for his hands. I replied yes and he ran and grabbed two from the drawer. A couple minutes later while I was feeding Landon, he comes and tells me, with the baggies on his hands, that he is preg checking cows! It was too funny to watch! He would bring the cows up, check them for babies, and then give them shots...noise effects and all! He's such a funny kid!

Landon is growing like crazy and gets cuter every day! He loves to sit up and if he's reclined at all, tries to sit himself up! He's rolled over a few times, but nothing consistant...guess he needs to be on his tummy a little more! He loves to sit in his bumbo and watch what ever is going on. He especially likes to watch his wild and crazy brothers play. He's still sleeping great-about 8 hours every night, eats a little then goes right back to sleep. It's been amazing for his dear mom!!

Here are some recent pictures...mostly of Landon. My fave is the one of Travis and him sleeping together (don't was only long enough for me to go to the bathroom although Travis would have liked it to be longer).

We finally were able to catch Landon laughing the other day. Carson and I stayed home from church because he had had the flu. It's a pretty cute little laugh if you can hear it over Carson's whose is equally cute!


Matthew & Charlene said...

Matthew would be so proud of Travis. So cute. Love the video! Love your cute boys!

Staci said...

So cute! Love the updates. Now that Jackson is a Sunbeam, Axel is not liking nursery. Who'd thought.

Megan Foulger said...

Love all of the pics and the updates. Your boys definitely do have good imaginations! The video is too adorable. Definitely time for some FaceTime!