Sunday, July 20, 2008


Well, we've finally made it back home! We had such a good time while we were back home in Wyoming. Carson and I got to spend almost 2 weeks visiting family and were spoiled rotten! Our first week there was pretty much planned before we got there. We flew into Billings Monday afternoon. Tuesday we went over to Lovell to see Christian's family. While we were there, we got to help the boys move cows from one pasture to another. Papa Asay had been waiting for Carson to come so he could move the cows, and Carson was so excited to help! He got to ride on the horse with Papa for like 3 hours and loved EVERY minute of it! The only let down of the day was that Matthew didn't rope the goat! I don't really know how the goat roping thing came about, but there is a goat that adopted the Asay cows and I guess Matthew was going to rope the goat and they just didn't have time to, but Carson told everyone he talked to, even people at church today, that Matthew didn't rope the goat. It's pretty funny that that made such a lasting impression to him!

Wednesday we went out on the boat with my family. It was so nice to be out on the water again. I have to say that I really miss boating. Maybe some day we'll be able to get one ourselves! Carson rode in the tube a couple of times and loved it. He also had a good time just sitting in it with a stick paddling he and my brother picked up on one of their rides. The best part...I finally tanned my legs! Woo Hoo!

Thursday we left for Logan, UT, and didn't get back home until Sunday. My sister is going to school there next semester, so we went to find her a place to live. While we were there we played at the park, swam, and shopped. It was lots of traveling, but was a good time. We went through Yellowstone park on our way down and Carson looked and looked for animals, but didn't see any. But, sure enough, as soon as he fell asleep, we saw a bunch of buffalo...go figure!

Monday I got to go to the froggy pond in Powell with one of my best friends from high school and her two boys. It was fun to visit with her and see her new baby! That night, my dad put together a power wheels truck that Carson loved to sit in. Notice I said sit in. The whole driving thing kind of freaked him out! He kept telling us "no push the peddle!" Oh well, he loved to just go outside and sit in it!

Tuesday, we went back to Lovell for a family get together. Emily and Stetson were in town too, so Jan had a bbq with all the grandma and grandpa's. It was so much fun to get to see everyone!

Wednesday, Carson and I went to lunch with one of my other friends from hishschool. It was so much fun to talk to her. She is due to have a boy too a week before me, so it was fun to see her. I wish I had thought to bring my camera with me and get a picture taken with her! That afternoon, we had a day at the pool at my parent's house. We played in the pool all afternoon and then bbq-ed that night. We tried to roast marshmallows over the firepit, but the wind was blowing like crazy!

Thursday we just stuck around Powell. Carson was in major need of a good nap, so we just stayed home. Papa and Mema Asay come to Powell to get parts so we got to say goodbye to them again. We went and ate at one of faves that night...El Tapatio...yummy!

Friday, we flew out at 4, so we didn't do anything! It was so much fun to see everyone! We always have so much fun and the time seems to fly by TOO fast while we are there! Luckily, we get to go back for a really quick trip in a month for Matthew's wedding.


Teri said...

That sounds like a fun and eventful couple of weeks. It's so nice when you visit home and have time to see so many people.