Thursday, July 31, 2008

Adventures in Turtlesitting

So, we've had the turtles for almost a week now and we've been feeding them various things we think they might eat. We first tried the hot dogs, but neither of them ate their chunks. So, a couple of days later we fed them lettuce. The one turtle that doesn't live in the water ate it right up. We also fed them cucumber peels and they seemed to like that too. Well, today Christian brought home a bottle full of grasshoppers. Christian pulled off their back legs and fed them to the turtles and this is what we saw... was pretty entertaining! The turtle ate four of these grasshoppers in like 5 minutes! We were pretty impressed. I guess we were starving the poor guy! My favorite is Carson trying to coax the turtle into eating it!


Ranee` said...

That video cracks me up and Carson's cheering him on reminds me so much of A.J.! Way cute!!

Emily Asay said...

so it never showed the turtle eat it, did he evetually eat it??? you guys should send that into the discovery channel. :-) I love how happy Carson is in the background...the thigns that makes boys happy..