Sunday, December 6, 2009

Birthday Boy!

Yesterday was Carson's 4th birthday! Carson is one of the most loving/caring little guys I have ever met. He loves little kids, has a great imagination, is very sensitive, has the best smile in the world, and has a great little personality...he loves to tease! We are truely blessed to have him as part of our family! As I tell him every night when I tuck him into bed, He is truely my favorite Carson in the whole world!!

It seems like every year, Carson's birthday gets spread out over a week and ends up having numerous parties. This year was no exception. We started with a party at Gramma Foulger's at Thanksgiving and opening gifts at Gramma Asay's house too. Carson had a little friend party Friday afternoon with 7 friends. The partying continued today with lunch with some family friends. Carson is smitten with a family in our branch! He really looks up to one young man in our ward, in particular,and considers him one of his friends. When we were first talking about having a party, I asked him who he would invite and three of the first people he mentioned was this young man (he's 14) and his two younger siblings that Carson's loves to play with. Since they live in another town I told him they couldn't come to his party but we would have them over for dinner instead and cake instead.

Here are some pictures from his parties the last couple of days! Happy Birthday, Carson!! We hope you had a great day!

The party site

Playing Don't Eat the Monster! (our version of don't eat Pete)

Carson posing behind the monster that we had a bean bag toss with

The kids decorating monster cupcakes

Carson and his cake

Enjoying on of his toys from the party

Yummy cupcakes!

Sunday party...blowing out the candles!

getting ready for some cake!

The mighty bow hunter!


Kara said...

That monster birthday party is too cute. You are very creative. Maybe I'll summon your help for my kids' parties next year :)

Emily Asay said...

cute cute when did u guys get all that snow?? and i love your christmas lights outside that u can see through the window. come put some up at our house. :)

Brenda said...

Darling cake Jill! And a darling little boy, you are lucky to have him, but he's lucky to have you two too!

Stacey said...

Great parties! He is a lucky little man!! Happy Birthday Carson!

Tracy said...

WOW!! I can't believe he's four already!! What a cute party!! LOVE the cakes. You're such a FUN mom!! Good Job!!

Megan Foulger said...

Man, that looks like one awesome party!!!! What a lucky little boy!! You did an awesome job on the cute!!! Looks like lots and lots of fun...sad i missed out!

J to the Nessa said...

Super cute party!