Thursday, December 3, 2009

Turkey time!

Well, we had a very successful trip back home for Thanksgiving. Here's a quick run-down...Our trip started with a night in Laramie with Matthew and Charlene, and the next day we car-pooled together home. Wednesday we spent the afternoon getting new tires put on our car and eating at El Tap...yummy! Thursday we headed to Lovell in the morning and had lunch at noon with Christian's family. Around 3 we headed back to Powell for dinner with my family. Dinner that night was followed by a little birthday party for Carson while all of my family was around. He got some fun toys that we all loved to play with! Friday, is the Asay annual preg-testing day for cows, so Christian got up early and headed over to Lovell to help out. As soon as our car was done being realigned, the boys and I headed over just in time for some yummy chilli! After lunch we went and helped decorate the church for Kasi and Daniel's reception. Saturday was Daniel and Kasi's wedding. It was a beautiful sealing with lots of family and friends in attendance. The rest of the day was spent celebrating the new couple with a luncheon and reception. Sunday we headed back to Matthew and Charlene's and then home the rest of the way Monday. It was a great trip and we loved seeing so many family members and friends! We are truely grateful for all that we have and all the blessings we've been given in our lives. Now if we can all just recover...we're all fighting colds! I guess that's what happens when you party hard, but we wouldn't change it!!
Thanksgiving with the Asay's

Thanksgiving with the Foulger's

Carson got a whack-a-mole game for his birthday and of course we had to have a sister was the overall champion.

Christian and my sister fighting it out with Carson's new gun

Our little family

Grampa and Gramma Asay and the grandkids...look at all those thumbsuckers...too cute!

The new couple. Congrats, you guys!

The whole family.

A little brotherly love!

My sister and I at the reception.

Travis making some crazy faces on the plate.

Trying to catch some bubbles.


Emily Asay said...

cute pictures!! sorry you guys are sick :(

Stacey said...

I love El Tap, too!! We always eat there when we are home!! You had a fun filled vacation! Great photos, as always!

Megan Foulger said...

CUTE CUTE!!! Man, I look like I have a massive black eye in the pic of Christian and I fighting with the guns haha! I look pretty tough! And I dominated the Whack a Mole!!

Middleton Family said...

Looks like you guys had a super busy Thanksgiving. It was a bummer we just missed you guys for lunch!
Your kids are cuties and look like they are growing up so fast.
Nathan got that camera for his birthday last year and loves it. Beware though! We always have to check his camera and make sure there is no pictures of us wearing our garments or something because you never know when he will take a picture! :-)

Matthew & Charlene said...

You got some great pictures. We loved having you guys at our house this last weekend.

Phillips Family said...

Fun times. Nothing like a little domestic violence at Thanksgiving time...

Brenda said...

It was great to see you guys!

The LaPierre Crew said...

cute will have to post some of Carson's photography!