Sunday, July 17, 2011

ER visit

Well, our good luck streak came to an end this last week when we had to make our first trip to the emergency room. Last Tuesday, Travis slammed his finer in the sliding glass door at my mom's and sliced open his pinky finger on his right hand. Normally, we probably wouldn't have gone to the ER, but it looked like the nail had been pushed into his finger and it looked a little deformed. When we got to the ER, the doctor said he woud just remove the nail and we would be able to go, but after he removed the nail he discovered that he had disrupted the nail bed pretty good and decided to give Travis two little stitches so that the nail would have a better chance of growing back nicer. Travis was quite the trooper. He cried, initially when it happened, but after we him calmed down, he didn't cry again...not even when the doctor gave him the two shots to numb his finger! They were so impressed by his toughness (as were his parents)! Now, the finger is on the mend and we get to take the stitches this week. Way to be tough, Travis!

At the ER after the doctor was all done with putting the stitches in

Travis' stitches or " blue floss" as he called them when we was telling his aunt Charlene waht happened. Sorry about the nasty finger nails...we didn't get our weekly nail grooming done yesturday, I guess!

We went swimming the other day to a break from helping my mom get her garage sale ready and we didn't want his finger to get wet so we cut the finger off a rubber glove and taped it up tight so he could get in the water!


Staci said...

Ouch! Tough guy though. Jackson was impressed by Travy's injury!

Megan said...

I am so sorry! Way to be tough Travis! Glad his finger and nail should be ok! I hope this will be your last visit to the ER for a long time!

Matthew & Charlene said...

Travis you are so tough. Ii love that he called the stiches floss. Too funny

Megan Foulger said...

Man! How did I not hear about this?? What a tough guy! And I love the water-proofing! ha too funny!