Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Moonlight Cattle Drive

Monday late afternoon, we helped grandpa Asay take his cows to their summer pasture in Dryhead. Usually, the cows get trucked one day and then the following day, the crew trails them all the way to their pasture. It's a long day that begins early and ends late, but is lots of fun. This year, things were done a little different due to truck schedules for the cows, work schedules and some other things. This year's trip started early in the morning with trucking all the cows to some corrals. About five in the evening, we took off and headed up the mountain. We made up the mountain and started moving the cows down the trail about 6:00 and ended the night a little more than half way to the final destination at 11:30 (and getting home about 12:30), hence the Moonlight cattle drive! It was a long evening, but things went pretty well. We enjoyed some fried chicken for dinner and Carson rode all by himself for the first time this trip. He has ridden by himself with either his dad or grandpa holding a lead rope, but this time he was on his own. Grandpa Asay showed him what to do and everyone was good about picking up his reins when his horse would bend down to eat and Carson wasn't be able to hold on to them. He was such a dude! Carson rode until about 11 that night after only taking a short break to eat dinner with everyone and to sit in the car for a bit...he was such a trooper! Today we get to go back in and finish taking the cows to their summer home, but it hopefully won't be another cattle drive by moonlight! :)


Megan Foulger said...

way to, Carson! What an awesome dude! I love the pics of the boys on the horse together...too cute!