Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Apple Cider

For family home evening this week, we went to grandpa and grandma Asay's house for dinner and then to press some apple cider. Sunday, after lunch, the boys went outside and picked a cooler and a large bucket full of apples off the trees behind the house. Monday night, we took the apples with us to grandmas's house house. After some yummy soups and corn bread for dinner, the guys and the kids headed outsided to press the five containers of apples to make cider with. It was dark and cold outside, but they had fun doing it and then drinking their hard work! They made enough cider for everyone to sample and then take some home too!

Picking apples

Apple Pressin'!

Travis having some fun on the horse.

Tasting their hard work.

Emily and her kids made some yummy cookies for dessert.Our first family picture as a family of 5!


Stacey said...

Great family picture! Looks cold and fun! It is still in the 80-90's here! :)

Matthew & Charlene said...

Man we always miss out on the fun. Wish we were there. Jill you look great! Love the new family picture. Landon is adorable

Emily Asay said...

i love all your posts-welcome to the family landon!! we love you!!:)

Staci said...

What fun! Landon will love being in the family and all the fun things he will get to do!