Sunday, November 27, 2011


As always, our Thanksgiving was great this year. We (actually just Christian) started the day with working cows in the morning, lunch with the all of Christian's family, some pictures of the grandkids, and then dinner with my parents and two brothers. It was a beautiful day with lots of food and lots of family! The day after Thanksgiving, many people shop, but the Asay's are always preg testing cows and this year was no different. The guys worked cows most of the day and the rest of us got to hang out and chat at the house. Friday night, we made the rounds to all of Christian's grandparent's houses to visit. Saturday was a much more calm day. We stayed home in the morning and then took the boys to see the movie, Puss in Boots. They were pretty excited to get to go to the "featre" as Travis would say. Today, Sunday, we celebrated grandpa Asay's birthday. We enjoyed dinner and then some cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday, grandpa Asay! It's been a great weekend, and we are sad to see Monday roll around!

This year, the number of Asay grandbabies doubled from 4 to 8. Here are the four newest members of the Asay family: Landon, Ian, Janelle, and Britt.

All eight grandkids before heading out to take pictures.

Pictures by the tractor. Christian's family had family pictures on this tractor right before Christian left on his mission and we were supposed to have family pictures taken on it a two summers ago (10 years ago from when they took the original), but the tractor was being worked on. So, now that it is back, they took pictures with all the grandbabies!

Grandpa Foulger reading a book with the grandkids after dinner Thanksgiving evening.

Day after Thanksgiving preg. testing of the cows

Grandpa Asay and all his helpers on his birthday!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

One little Indian!

The Friday, the kindergarten classes went and sang some Thanksgiving songs and poems to the people at the nursing home in Lovell. Parents were invited to watch their students so the little boys and I loaded up and headed to the Senior Center where our parent letter said they would be at only to find out, 20 minutes later, that we, and a handful of other parents, were at the wrong place! We were supposed to be at the nursing home...not the senior center! So, needless to say, we were late and walked in just in time to hear them say the last three words of their last poem! We didn't get to hear them, but we did manage to get a couple pictures of our cute little indian. We had Carson sing us the songs in the car on the way home after we picked him up, so we ended up getting our own personal performance...even better!Carson's class filing out of the room after their performance.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Socks and Machine gun!

On our way home from Logan last weekend, we stopped at Christian's boss' house to pick up two kitties. Since the time we left Lovell on Friday to head to Megan's wedding, the boys had been asking when we were going to get the kitties...they were super excited! We let Carson and Travis each pick out a kitten and name them. I bet you can't guess who's kitty belongs to which child? Carson picked out a black and white kitty, and named him Mr. Fluffy Socks (we call him socks for short). Travis, the crazy kid, decided to name his black, brown and white calico kitty Machine gun! We tried and tried to convince him of other names but he just wouldn't have it! So, we introduce the newest members of our family, Socks and Machine gun! They are pretty cute and we hope they stick around and do their job!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Auntie Butts Gets Married!

This last weekend, my beautifu little sister got married! We made the trip to Logan, Utah to witness her and Jabin be married in the Logan Temple. It was a beautiful ceremony and I'm so glad we got to be there to share in her special day! We traveled to Logan Friday and were lucky enough to get to have one of Megan's good friends, who was a bride's maid, travel with us. She was a huge help with the boys. I'm not sure she will ever want to have kids after this trip, but we really liked having her with us and the boys love her! Friday night after we arrived, we went to the venue where she was having her reception to decorate. After a few hours of decorating, we met up with a bunch of our family at the good ole' Chuck-o-Rama (it was the one of a few places that could fit 20+ of us together) for some dinner. After dinner, we went back to the hotel and had planned to take the boys swimming, but found that the pool was full of San Jose football players, so we opted to take a swim in the huge jacuzzi tub in our room instead. Saturday, my sister and Jabin were married at 10. The day started out rainy and just as they were coming out of the temple, it turned to snow and it snowed and it snowed and it snowed! It was crazy cold and very wet! After the wedding and a few pictures, we went back to the hotel, changed and then headed to the luncheon put on by Jabin's parents. Lunch was at the Firehouse pizza and we enjoyed some great pizza. After pizza, the boys all went back and took naps while I went and helped finish decorating. At five, we had to take pictures because of the bad weather and then at six, the reception started. There were lots of people that came to congratulate them on their day. That night we took down everything in record time and then went back and let the little boys finally swim in the pool. Sunday, we woke up to more snow but waited for the sun come out a bit to take off. We had really bad roads from Logan to Bear Lake and some over South Pass, but other than that the roads and weather were great. We are so happy for Megan and Jabin and excited to have Jabin as part of our family now!!

The Decorating

Christian had fun with the fake candles on the tables

My cousin Natalie rearranging the balls
Everybody working
My aunt Roberta and my mom's good friend, Cathy

Travis and Megan at Chuck-O-Rama

"swimming" in the whirl pool

Wedding Day! The boys waiting for their Auntie Butts to come out of the temple. They were such sports...wet hair and all!
The bride and groom!!

My parents at the reception. My dad suprised my sister and wore bright pink converse shoes to match the girls' shoes. Even my grandma wore pink sparle converse shoes!!

Not sure what we are all doing here, but I believe we were waiting to get pictures taken.

Our little family!

My grandparents.

Landon found his thumb while he was hanging out during the reception.

Travis and Landon. My grandparents took care of Landon for a good part of the reception...thank you guys!

The boys...looking good!

My three handsome boys!! Love their pink ties!

Monday, November 7, 2011

The weekend!

This weekend has been a super busy one for us. For the last four days (starting Friday), Christian's family has been working on bringing the cows and calves home from their summer pasture. Christian has been helping as much as he can, and they should be done today. We all went out yesterday in the cold and dark so the boys could help.

Friday, Christian helped move cows, we had family pictures, and we headed to Billings for the night. My sister and her fiance, Jabin, flew into Billings late Friday night and then my sister took out her endowments Saturday morning. It was so neat to be able to be in the temple with her. We are so glad that she chose to do it in Billings so we could share in her day. We got to eat at Olive Garden and Texas Roadhouse...yum! Friday night, grandma and grandpa took the boys swimming. There were a bunch of older kids in the pool, so they opted just to sit in the hot tub. This weekend, we make the drive to Logan for Megan's wedding! We have been anxiously waiting for this weekend to come. In fact, a couple of weekends ago, We had a bubble gum stuffing party at my mom's house. We stuffed 400 little bags with black, white and pink bubble gums for my sister's reception. The boys had lots of fun and were actually a really big help!

Getting ready to swim. If you notice, Carson is wearing his dad's swim trunks! Travis' swimsuit got left at home (I'm such a looser mom) and he wasn't about to go swimming in his unders or pj bottoms, so we convinced Carson (he made 7 bucks out of the deal) to wear Christian's so Travis could wear his! In the end...everyone got to go swimming and was happy!!

Landon at 1 month! I can't believe how much he has changed. He has really started to fill out and his little face it getting round and squishy...I love it!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween was a busy, busy day for us! Travis, Landon and I went to Carson's school to watch the costume parade. Each class got to parade across the stage dancing, to show off their costumes. It was funny to watch the kids dance as they were up there. I wasn't sure Carson would dance, but he actually did! I only caught the end of the dancing because I was taking pictures.

Afte the costume parade, we ran home for some short naps while we waited for Carson to get home off the bus. Afte he got home, we got dressed in our costumes and made our rounds to visit all the grandmas and grandpas...which is no short task! I don't know if I have ever unloaded the kids that many times in a hour span! We started wuth a visit to grandma Asay, then to great grandma Asay, grandma Dorothy, then to Cowley to see grandpa Monk and Donna, then we were off to Powell to trick or treat grandma and grandpa Foulger and have some Pizza on the Run! The boys had fun showing off their costumes to all their family!

The boys checking out all their candy!

Our family..if you couldn't tell the boys were a little hyper and didnt really want to cooperate...I guess that's what too much candy will do to you!

The boys decorated a cake that we had for dessert after pizza.