Thursday, April 3, 2008

Trip to Denver/Wyoming

Well, now that I have finally tackled my huge mound of laundry, I can justify updating my blog. We got back Sunday from a week long exursion to Denver and then Wyoming. Last Friday, Christian, Carson and I made the 5 hour trip to attend the Denver temple. Christian and I got to go through and do a session, thanks to another family in our branch who were so willing to lend their kids (and husband...he brought the wrong reccomend to the temple so he couldn't go in) to watch Carson while we went. It had been a while so it was nice. After our session, we got to go and help the youth in our branch do baptisms, which is the real reason we went to the temple (I'm in the Young Womens). They did an awesome job. We had 9 kids attend and each of them did 50 that's 450 baptisms in all!! They were troopers! After the temple, we went and ate at the Olive Garden. All I can say is yummy! We spent Friday night in a hotel in Denver and then Saturday we went to the Denver Zoo. Here are some highlights from our day there. We were just glad that the weather cooperated with us and it was actually quite pleasant. As soon as Carson sat on this monkey sculpture, he proceeded to pick it's nose. It was quite hilarious! As you can tell, he thought it was pretty funny too! After the zoo, we made our way to Laramie where we met up with my mom who took Carson and I back to Powell for a week. We had fun seeing everyone while we were there. Some highlights of our trip included: swimming at the rec center in Cody, eating at El Tapatio & Maxwells, shopping in Billings, seeing my brother's new baby girl (there's nothing better than holding a newborn), checking cows with Grampa Asay, looking for eggs, and playing Hungry, Hungry Hippos, just to name a few things. Saturday my mom and Jan (Christian's mom) took Carson and I back to Laramie where we met up with Christian. That night we went out to eat with Michael, Emily and Stetson, and Matthew and his girlfriend Charlene, along with some other friends. After dinner, we went to the hotel and times! Sunday morning we went and said good bye to Michael and Emily and my mom picked Jan up (she stayed at their house) and then went our separate ways. We had a BLAST and wish it hadn't gone by so fast. We are so blessed to have such wonderful family! We love them all and wish we didn't live so stinkin' far away!!


Emily Asay said...

I think Carson's going to make you and Christian rich some day...posing. He is so photogenic, he has a perfect smile in all his pictures. He must just be one happy kiddo. :) Well thanks for the post, I'm thinking about just getting a sub for next Sunday so we could come see you guys? I'll give you a call and let you know what the heck is going on :-)

Lauren said...

Sounds like a very fun trip. Glad that you guys made it home safe! Carson is so cute! :) And I agree there is nothing better than holding a newborn.