Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Keepin' It Real Tag

Ok, Ranee here's your pictures...it's kind of scary! It makes me realize how not clean my house is! Get Real Tag...the rules are you have to take a picture of all these things right now and you can’t do anything before you do, like straighten stuff up or fix your hair. Then tag five people.
1. The Fridge

2. My closet

3. The sink..this was right after dinner, so there are still dishes!

4. The toilet...whose seat is currently broken. I just bought a new one today, but I haven't had a chance to ask Christian to fix it yet.

5. My favorite pair of shoes...reef sandals. They are the most comfortable sandals you can own. I have a pair and so does Christian and we both love them!

6. What my child is doing right now...running around half naked...the boy's an exibitionist! (I'm not sure on the spelling)

7. My favorite room...the dining room. It's about the only place we always are together

8. Laundry pile...I will have you know that until Christian got home, I didn't really have a laundry pile...I finished all my laundry today...go me!

9. Self Portrait


Brenda said...

Lovely! Jill, you look so good! I don't think I would like that game, good thing I don't have a blog. Too scary.