Saturday, June 14, 2008

Trip to Salt Lake City

Every year, my dad has meetings in SLC, Utah, and it's kind of evolved into a little family vacation. All of my family was there, except Christian. We were so sad he couldn't come...he never gets to party with us, but thankful he let us go...he's the best! My dad goes to meetings pretty much all week :( while everyone else goes and plays! Carson and I flew to Salt Lake Monday so we could hang out with everyone and got back last night. The flight to Salt Lake was pretty rough...just ask Carson...he puked as we were landing in Denver (where we made a connecting flight). We had so much fun, and as usual, got totally spoiled by mema and papa! We got to eat out at some of our favorite places, shop, shop, SHOP, see a movie, swim, and just be with family. It was so much fun! Here are some fun pictures from our trip!

squirt guns

playing animals with mema and butts

Watching the cool water display in the outdoor mall. It shot out water to music and there were tons of kids and adults running around in it. It was fun to watch.

Carson and his suitcase that mema brought him full of prizes. He would take it EVERYWHERE we went. If we went to my mom and dad's room, it came with us. If we were going to go somewhere, it came with us. By the end of the trip, he was pretty good at manuvering it. I guess we know that he can handle his own carry-on when it comes time to go to Hawaii next year!

The last night we were there, the company that my dad purchases all his inventory from put on a really nice dinner and then entertainment. This year, they had Leann Rimes come and sing (it was a different night and we ended up not going), and a comedian/magician. These are some pictures after the dinner out in the court yard of the hotel. The flowers were so pretty! My sister has some more pictures that I'm waiting for her to send so I can post them...she had some that for some reason...I didn't!


Kathryn said...

Cute pics Jill, I want to see that growing belly of your girly!! I love the new look of the blog, cute background!

Emily Asay said...

awww cute, you look GORGOUS in that one pic...glad you had fun!

Ranee` said...

You can just see a little bit of your tummy in that one picture and you're looking so cute! How fun to spend time with your family. It makes me look forward to this week even more. I can't wait to see my brothers, my sister, and my future sister in law!!