Sunday, June 1, 2008

Weekend with the Grandmas

We had a really fun weekend with Me ma Asay and Me ma "Dorty", Christian's mom and grandma. They came Friday afternoon and left this morning. We were sad to see them go, but had fun with them while they were here. We took them around town and showed them some of the places that Christian works, had fun sitting around talking, and eating. Once again, Carson was totally spoiled and loved having them here. He really enjoyed hearing stories about chasing cows before bed each night. It was all in all a great weekend!

Hanging out on the deck

What a cute little cowboy!

Mema Asay and Carson

Playing at the park

Four generations!

Riding the horse

Being cheesey!


Phillips Family said...

Great pics!! We love keeping up with you guys and hope all is going well in Nebraska.

Ranee` said...

hey! How are you feeling? Yes I cut my hair. I needed something quicker and simpler even though I love my long hair. But I love short hair too!