Saturday, August 2, 2008

Battle of the Belly Buldge!

When I was pregnant with Carson Christian and I decided to do a back to back picture to compare bellies. Clearly I won. We finally got around to doing the same thing with this pregnancy, and once again I won...hands down!! It was fun to look back and compare the differences. I'm a month farther along this time in the pic. Just over a month left...yeah!!

October 2005

August 2008

And just for fun...Carson in his swimming gear before we went to the pool the other day!


Lauren said...

You look fantastic! You're so beautiful, Jill! What a cute idea and boy does Carson need to come to Arizona and swim with us. He's LOVE it! :) By the way...did you know that my mom works with your Aunt Karen?

Kara said...

You look so good, Jill. Very radiant and glowing. Hope that things are going well and that you're surviving the heat. I remembering being very pregnant in August....not fun!

Trevor & Andrea said...

Hey Jill, I know who you are;) Ya i knew meagan from Northwest. The other day Trevor was next to me and i was on here and he saw your name on my cousin's blog, he said he went to school with you:) Your pictures are cute! I dont know christain but i know Mathew can push his stomach out way far i have never seen anyone be able to push it out like mathew,haha. you make a very cute pregnant lady! its good to hear from you, i agree blogging is a great way to keep up with people!

Brenda said...

Jill, you look wonderful!

Erica said...

I stumbled across your fun blog and I absolutely LOVE this post. What a cute idea! I will have to do this with Dan, although I know I will win hands down. If it's okay with you I am going to add your blog on my site.

Erica Stevens