Wednesday, October 15, 2008

It has Arrived!

The company that Christian works for mainly does crop consulting. Their summers consist of making weekly checks on contracted fields for farmers. When the summer is over, Christian fills his time with soil sampling. This consists of riding a 4-wheeler out into a field sticking a probe into the ground up to 20 inches, and then sending the soil into one of their labs for analysis. As you can imagine, their 4-wheelers get pretty well used between the summer months and the spring/fall. Well, late this summer we had gotten around 8 inches of rain during the weekend and when Christian went to work on that Monday he rolled his 4-wheeler due to a big wash out in one of the roads. He managed to bruise a couple of ribs and was sore for quite a while, but luckily he didn't break anything. He did, however, manage to total his 4-wheeler and has been anxiously awaiting the arrival of a new one (he had been using an old...not very good intern one in the mean time). Well, he finally got to go and pick up his new one yesturday and spent most of the afternoon today "pimping" it out...crop consultant style! He had to add a cigarette lighter for GPS, a basket to carry the soil samples, probe holder, mirrors, and bucket holders (sorry...I don't quite know the correct terminology for all these things) to his machine so that he can jump right into sampling the rest of this week!


Carson getting a ride from daddy

Before the "pimping"


Carson taking a look at all the tools!
Christian's truck with his 4-wheeler loaded


Stacey said...

I am sure Christian LOVES his new 'toy'...for work or play they always seem to like toys!! He is training Carson, too!!

Kevin said...

Christian, it looks like you're living the dream my friend. You'll have to tell me about Nebraska sometime. I'm looking for a place to set up shop when I'm done with the usmc. Take care.