Monday, October 20, 2008

Weekend with Auntie Butts...

...As she is known to Carson (Christian gave her the name)! My sister came to spend her Fall break with us this weekend and we had so much fun while she was here. She's going to school in Logan so when we go home, she's not there for us to see any more...sad day. We went out to eat, went ot he pumpkin patch, and just had fun being together. She had to fly home Sunday and Carson was one sad little boy. His Auntie Butts spoiled the heck out of him while she was here. Thanks for coming and spending you days off with us, Megan. We had lots of fun while you were here!

At the Pumpkin patch


Playing in the Leaves

This is what happened when Carson got to spend a week with Uncle Daniel.


The LaPierre Crew said...

Hey Billy Jean! I noticed you are still wearing flip flops (THONGS!)The weather must be hanging in there...I am still wearing my flip flops, but everyone thinks I am CRAZY! I am just not ready to say good bye to summer yet. Although your Fall pictures sure look beautiful and FUN! Oh, and that picking the nose thing, you never want that to be your kid, but every kid has to try it, just as long as he doesn't eat it. What do you expect when his mom has been known to shoot Dots out of her nose??? Love ya!

Nick and Lindi said...

That is sad that you don't get to see Megan everytime you go home now. I know how it is to be apart from your sisters... NO FUN!! :) I just have to tell you that I love the picture of Travis smiling. And Carson playing in the leaves... SO CUTE. You have a very cute family. :)

Stacey said...

Your boys are adorable and they look like might want to have 1 that looks like your hubby or his feelings will get hurt.hahahah! You and your sister look like each other too. Great pictures of your weekend. Tell Christian hi from Tony!