Thursday, October 2, 2008

Tulips and Snake Wrangling

When we bought the house last fall, we knew that there were some sort of flowers planted on one side of our house, but didn't know what we would find. This spring, we were surprised to find tulips, amoungst other flowers. I love tulips and decided to plant some more. The fall is supposed to be the prime time to plant them. Today Christian and Carson planted my bulbs for me. I just hope they actually grow!

While Christian was planting my bulbs, I went to the shed to get the hose so we could water them when we were finished putting them in the ground. I opened the door and to my surprise, there was a nice little guarder snake all curled up in the corner enjoying the warmth of the shed. I went and got Christian and he wrangled the stinking snake out of the shed and threw it over the fence and almost into the neighbor's yard. This will be the last day I will venture into the shed without any shoes on!

Travis hung out with us too...he was great help!

Too cute!


Matthew & Charlene said...

Oh man don't you hate snakes.. Even if they are only gardner snakes. These are super cute pictures of Travis

Emily Asay said...

Oh I HATE snakes. Sorry u had to experience that. :)