Tuesday, January 5, 2010

CELEBRATE good times, come on!

Well, we have finally returned from our trip back to Wyoming and have gotten our lives somewhat back to "normal". We had a wonderful trip home over the holidays. Like my title says, we did a lot of celebrating while we were home. We celebrated Christmas (twice), 3 birthdays, a new year, and our 6th wedding anniversary! I've decided to break it all up into several posts so I don't bore you all and I can put lots of pictures up!

Before we left for Wyoming, we had our own Christmas at our house. Christmas Eve, a Sunday for us, we spent at a family friend's Christmas open house. After the party, we came home opened pj's, set out goodies for Santa, and fed the reindeer.

We had a crazy/short-lived Christmas morning. We had to hurry because Travis had a doctor's appointment, so the kids didn't really get to play around with their toys or lounge aound like we would normally do. But, it was so fun to see their reactions. Carson LOVED everything he got...especially his rocket bike that "goes super fast," as he told family! Tavis was more into my camera than this gifts he got, but he like the cash register the best of all.

Stay tuned for more posts full of pictures!!


Brittany H. said...

Sounds busy and fun!

Phillips Family said...

Nothing says Christmas like a super fast jet bike.

Stacey said...

HUGE bow on the rocket bike!! Love the matching jammies!

Nick and Megan said...

What a fun Christmas! I love how you had a pre-Christmas before your travels... we took all our Christmas with us on the road and it made for a lot of extra work! I love the matching pj's... I'm glad you're a "matchy Mom" like me! I'm surprised our paths didn't cross with us both spending the holidays in Wyoming! Maybe next time! Happy 2010!!!