Friday, January 8, 2010

Christmas Day

Christmas Day for us is always FULL! We visit both sides of the family and have to eat at both places too! So when I say full, I mean full of events and we are very FULL! We started out Christmas morning in Lovell. The boys got some really fun things...Carson got a remote controll car that Christian and I both like to play with, some books, and some ninja gear. Travis got a stick horse (now he can play knights with Carson) and some books also. I realized when I was going through my pictures that I didn't have any pictures of them opening gifts...I'm not sure what was going on! After gift opening, we got ourselves ready and lunch ready also. We enjoyed goose, wild rice stuffing, ham, spinach salad, and much more! It was delicious! After lunch, we loaded the boys us and headed to Powell for round 2 of Christmas. We sat around talking until my brother and his family showed up and then opened gifts from my family! Once again, the boys, and us, were spoiled! After gift opening, we sat down to yet another meal! We had ham, potatoes, salad, rolls and more! After dinner and some visiting, we headed back to Lovell and met up with Christian's family at his Grandma Dorothy's house. We had missed out on most of the festivities, but were able to catch the tail end of the party. All in all, is was a wonderful Christmas. We are truely blessed to have such great families and to be able to spend time with both of them!!

Foulger Family Christmas...

Handing out gifts

Carson and his cousin Campbell sharing his banana chair. The 3 older grandkids each got their fun!

Carson and his guns. He was very sad that the Elves didn't make them and bring them to our house for Christmas. But, lucky for Carson, Santa was still listening!

Power tools! I feel some projects coming on!!

All wrapped up in bubble wrap! He thought it was great fun!!

Christian made our niece Isabelle laugh for the first time on Christmas Day. It was too cute!

The whole family ready for dinner!


Megan Foulger said...

YAY for Christmas day!!! it was so fun to have you guys there!! :)