Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Kick-off Weekend!

This weekend was sort of the Christmas kick-off weekend for our town and as a result, we were busy going from one event to another. We started Friday by attending Carson's first preschool program. They had a short program where they sang like 5 songs, followed by a cookie reception where Santa greeted all the kids. It was super cute to watch him sing (or yell) his little heart out!

All dressed up and ready to sing.

Singin' some Jingle Bells!

Carson and the rest of the kids that attend his preschool (there were a couple of classes there).
Caron and his two best friends from his class, Mykuh and Lexi H.

Carson and his friends playing.
A visit with Santa!!

Saturday started out with an ornament exchange party but on by my friend JulieAnn. Each person brought an ornament for each person attending, and at the end of the party, we each came home with 7 new ornaments. It was fun to visit with other ladies (and Rob), eat some yummy food, and get some great ornaments for my tree! Thanks for a fun time JulieAnn! Later that evening, we went to the lighted parade down town. The boys enjoyed getting candy, but I don't think they enjoyed the cold, so much!
The ladies from the ornament exchange.
The ornaments I made to take.
Waiting for the parade to start!
Sunday, Carson turned five...CRAZY! We have celebrated his birthday twice now and I will post pictures from his special days next!


Staci said...

Such a busy weekend and you didn't mention that someone pawned their 2 kids off on you also!! Thanks again and cute pictures.

The Asay's said...

What a festive weekend. I love the video of Carson singing. He is looking super cute in his vest. I love the idea of having that party. That sounds super fun.

Megan Foulger Evans said...

awww what a cute lil man Carson is!! He is looking pretty handsome in his Christmas get-up! Looks like a busy and fun-filled wonder you were exhausted yesterday!

Stacey said...

Lots of great picures! I can't believe how grown up Carson looks!! Great looking kids, Jill!

Phillips Family said...

Looks like you gained a kid at the parade!! Carson is turning into such a little man...crazy. We sure did like his tie and vest.