Saturday, December 18, 2010

Parties, parties and more parties!

WOW, this week has been crazy! I'm not going to lie, I will be giving a big sigh of relief when it is over. We have been super busy this week with 3 Christmas parties and and getting things ready to leave next week.

Christmas party #1 was our local story time Christmas party. Our library ladies do a great job of providing a good time for the kids and we are lucky that we have such a fun story time! The kids listened to stories for half an hour and then they played games and ate lunch. The kids all seemed to have a fun time and loved the gingerbread boxes they got full of goodies!
Carson playing Santa Says

The boys playing a ball toss game through a wreath.

Party #2 was our Branch Christmas party. We had probably the best turn out for a party that I've see since we've been here, which is great, except we have an extremely small mulit-purpose room which meant being really cozy and loudness. Anyways, we enjoyed a yummy ham dinner with funeral potatoes, salad and cookies for dessert. After dinner, there was a Christmas craft and cookie decorating for the kids. Santa was supposed to visit, but somehow got lost on his way to the church...but his treat bags made it, so kids were ok with it.
The kids' table
Decorating gingerbread notebooks.
Travy's gingerbread guy.
Carson decorating his cookie.

Thursday was party #3 at Carson's preschool. I got to go help with the games and watch them eat their treats and open presents.
Enjoying a yummy cupcake.

Playing pass the present. They passed presents around in a circle until the music stopped. Once the music stopped, the present they were holding was the present they got to open and keep.

The book Carson got in the gift exchange.

Carson as Rudolph after their reindeer relay race.

Playing bingo.

The class playin the freeze dance game. This was so funny to watch. The kids would dance like crazy and when the music stopped they would freeze. What's funny is that when the music stopped, they would freeze fast and then quickly freeze in a better, cooler funny to watch!


Megan Foulger said...

oh man you better not be all partied out by the time you get here...we are ready to party!