Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mule Days

Every Father's Day weekend, the town of Ralston is home to Mule Days. People from across the United States bring in their mules to show and sell and compete. For the last few years, Christian has wanted to go...he has a secret love for mules and always teases that he's going to buy one. This year, my dad had received some tickets for the Mule Days Rodeo and gave us the tickets to use. We gave what we didn't need to Christian's brothers and their families and so we were joined at the rodeo by Matthew and Charlene and baby Ian, Jacob, and Daniel and Kasi. It was beautiful day and we got to enjoy lots of mules participating in rodeo events, some that we had seen before and some we hadn't seen done before like the balloon shoot where they shoot balloons from their mules (the boys really thought that was cool). The highlight of the day, though, had to be the Rocky Mountain Oysters, or "texticles", as Carsons calls them!! They were selling them at one of the food vendor booths and so the guys all had to try some. My boys thought they were awesome and chowed them! I guess anything is good when you can smother it in ranch (although I could not bring myself to try them)!

The Asay boys very own Testicle Festival



...Gone! and so good!


Staci said...

Wow I am impressed with your boys! I don't blame you for not participating in the "testicle festival"