Friday, June 17, 2011

Swimming lessons

June has been a pretty eventful month for us with tball and swimming and some school for Carson, along with all the other everyday things! On Thursday, Carson finished his two weeks of swimming lessons and passed! Yee Haw!! So, next year he will be able to move up to the next level! While I did not enjoy sitting up in the "sauna" (the bleachers located above the pool) it was so fun to watch him. Both of my boys LOVE the water! I loved to watch his excitement while in the pool...that kid smiled like 90% of the time he was in there! The last day of lessons, they got to dive for pennies at the bottom of the pool. He was so proud of his little collection of money that he earned diving down! Now that June is almost over, so are most of our exciting things! I guess we will have to find other things to do in our spare time now!
(sorry about the dark pictures...we were a long ways away and my camera is not the best!)