Friday, December 16, 2011

Crazy weekend!

We had quite the busy weekend this weekend. We left Friday right after school to meet my mom in Billings for the weekend. Christian and I really needed to finish our Christmas shopping, so my mom was kind enough to meet us up there for the night so she could watch the boys for us. We met up with her and sent the two older boys with her while we did some shopping. While we were shopping, grandma and the boys went and saw Arthur Christmas, swam and had pizza. Saturday, my mom did a session at the temple while we got ready and did a little more shopping. She took the boys again after she was done so we could finish. While we were finishing, she took Carson and Travis to Build a Bear Workshop...something she has been really wanting to do with them for quite a while! I was sad I wasn't there to see them through the whole process, but Carson picked a dog with military clothing, and Travis picked the same dog Carson picked and dressed him as a fitting for Travy! It sounded like they had a blast building their dogs.

About 4, we had to head home so that we could make it to Greybull by 6:30 for Christian's work Christmas party. We enjoyed a steak dinner and dancing (well, we didn't dance but we listened) to the Cowley's Boys. The kids had fun running around with other kids and the visit from Santa!

Sunday, we had lunch with Grandma Asay and had another round of Christmas pictures of the little kids. Grandma got all the kids matching outfits and man did they all look so good! It was quite the task to get all the kids happy and looking in the same direction, but between 5 cameras, Jan was able to find a good one!


Staci said...

Your mom is so awesome! The boys looks so handsome.