Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A hunting we will go!

Last Saturday, my brother, Jason, called and asked if the boys wanted to do some hunting with him. Being boys, they were super excited at the chance to go hunting with their uncle! So that afternoon, Christian, Carson, Travis and uncle Jason, headed out to find some pheasants. My brother was the only one with a liscence, but they were willing to go along for fun and "help" him. It was the kind of hunting trip I really like...they didn't get anything, but all had fun! Thanks for the fun idea, uncle Jason!

Here they are with some tail feathers from a pheasant my brother got earlier that day somewhere else.

My brother also got a jack rabbit and it was huge...almost as big as Travis!

Holding one of Jason's pheasants. Not really sure why they wanted to hold a dead one, but they did. I guess it must be a boy thing!
The mighty hunters!!